“Son of a Beach” EP by Cliff Beach

Cliff Beach’s newest EP “Son of a Beach” will delight your human ears! In seventeen minutes Cliff, an award-winning songwriter, showcases his fusion of soul, blues, and funk. While listening to the EP Mustard wished for human legs as they wish they could dance and bogey along to this EP. The opening track “So Into You” will reel you in like those invisible lassos human use when on the dance floor. “Son of a Beach” has been on significant Spotify playlists and for good reason.

Following “So Into You” comes “The Truth” which is an excellent example of Beach’s award-winning songwriting. There are two versions of “Wildflower” on this EP – the first featuring a band, the second with strings. Both are super smooth like your favorite brand of butter. Additionally, “I Got Soul” is the funk song you had no idea you wanted but are grateful that Cliff Beach graced us with it. Mustard highly recommends you clap your hands throughout the duration of the song.

Overall, “Son of a Beach” is a smooth-as-silk EP that will make humans shake as if they were the pepper shaker during dinner.

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“Fizzy” by Claudia Kate

Alt-pop singer-songwriter Claudia Kate is back following their debut album “A Damn Good Start.” Fizzy, much like soda (sans high fructose corn syrup) pops and will be stuck in your human head for the reminder of your life. Its hook you will get memorized like multiplication tables. Kate’s newest single is about discovering yourself in your early 20s. Kate’s “Fizzy” is relatable for all humans and this will allow humans to want to revisit this single.

Claudia emphasizes that “everyone feels like this sometimes” and that is true. Even if you think you have it all figured out, have planned for every moment, human life will find a way to surprise you. As a human finding your feet is a challenge but Kate’s “Fizzy” provides comfort in letting listeners know they are not alone.

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“My Anxious Brain & My Broken Heart” by Autumn Sky Hall

Autumn Sky Hall’s “My Anxious Brain & My Broken Heart” has been on Mustard’s plug for some time. While Mustard lacks human emotions this song evokes those from them. Their bottle resists due to engineering but Hall’s single is so stunning and haunting that wall breaks itself down voluntarily. The music video that accompanies the song provides a captivating visual.

Mustard decided to review “My Anxious Brain & My Broken Heart” in the same article with Claudia Kate’s “Fizzy” because they feel in a way they are connected. Being in your 20s, not sure what to do with life, will make your human brain anxious. These emotions and feelings can become too overwhelming causing stress and further anxiety. Heck, you could be trying to overcome a broken heart as well. Human existence is an obstacle in itself.

Humans often pair their favorite pair of wine and cheese. Mustard believes you can do the same with “Fizzy” and “My Anxious Brain & My Broken Heart.” They are both a treat and pair well together.

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