Studio pictures by Lily Doidge
Live image to Alfred Barwick!

Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with South East London’s Kitty Fitz. Together we discussed their love of mustard, being a bassist for Prima Queen, their inspirations, their most recent single, and so much more! Check it out below!

1. Hello! Mustard thanks you for being here! How are you doing today?

Hello Mustard! Thanks so much for having me. I’m good, just had my coffee and I’m in the sweet spot between it giving me energy and then the worst existential anxiety of my life

2. According to your Instagram, you are a mustard connoisseur. What about mustard do you like more compared to other condiments? What mustard do you recommend all humans try? Did you ever expect to be interviewed by said condiment? 

Yes mustard is absolutely the best. It goes with everything and makes it taste better, and it’s (usually) yellow so has a nice threatening energy to it. A little je ne sais quoi… I recommend everyone goes for the standard French’s brand. That stuff is mega.

3. Mustard has heard a lot about Nando’s but has never been. Is it worth all the hype? What restaurants in London do you recommend humans check out?

Nandos is kind of great I won’t lie. I’m a fiend for some chicken and life spicy food so it ticks my boxes. If you wanna really eat the goods though, my fav places to eat are Mr Bao, Babur,Il Giardino, La Chingada, and Pizza Union.

4. Additionally, you consider yourself a self-liability. Mustard has heard about liabilities. What are liabilities? Should humans keep an extra eye or two on you? 

It is true! A liability is someone who you can’t trust to look after themselves or just keeps messing things up at the expense of others. I have been known to dive headfirst into emotions and situations, and my friends have always had to be there to mop up the mess! I’m also notoriously clumsy, so it’s a physical as well as mental thing in my case! People tend to keep an eye on me to keep me in check.

5. You’re the bassist for band Prima Queen. Could you share more about your experience and time with Prima Queen? How does Prima Queen’s sound differ from your solo work? 

I am indeed the bassist for Prima Queen! I’ve been in the band for around 4 years at this point which is crazy; I can still remember our first rehearsal! They feel like my family, which is lucky because our schedule has been so slammed especially in the last 6 months as we’ve been lucky enough to not only play festivals, but tour with Wet Leg, Dream Wife, and Spacey Jane among others! Exhausting stuff but loads of fun. Their music is more heavy than mine, but there are definitely some pop elements and the songs are super catchy.

Studio pictures by Lily Doidge

6. You spend your spare time producing and writing songs for drunk humans and those who love too hard. Could you share more about your creative process?

I do indeed! My creative process really goes one of two ways. I write lyrics every day (my New Years resolution that I luckily managed to stick to), even if they are rubbish I always jot them down, and then when I get a minute to sit down and write, I go through what I have and pick out lyrics I like and work on them. From there, I try out different styles of production and work out what will be most evocative and effective.

7. Who (or what) inspires Kitty Fitz?

In no particular order, here are my inspirations in people and things:


Caroline Polachek
Perfume Genius
Talk Talk
The Japanese House
New Order
Christian Lee Hutson 


The night bus
Running so fast down a hill your legs feel like they might fall off
Michel Gondry films 
Really good ramen
Getting a crush
My friends

8. “Split Ends” was your first single. Was this song inspired by actual events? 

Split Ends is truly inspired by my best friends! I wrote it in lockdown when I really missed them, so wanted to write an ode to them, and even included all of their voices in the samples so they could be part of it. Special mention to the lyrics “that guy didn’t get your name right” about my friend Néve, who is constantly being mistaken for every other name, or having it spelled in a mad variety of ways.

9. In “Never Better” you ask if they miss your backseat driving. Is backseat driving a legal human way to commute? What inspired this single? 10.  “Saving Face” tells the story of a human in a predicament. They feel like this song is very relatable. Did you experience this? Could you tell us more about the fox in the music video? 

Backseat driving is totally legal but something I have had to tell myself off for! Essentially telling someone how they should drive and directing them from the passenger seat. Although in my case I get really bad second hand road rage and become quite boisterous. I’ve learned my lesson! This song was about feeling someone fall out of love with you, but still feeling guilty when you start going out with someone new.

10.“Saving Face” tells the story of a human in a predicament. They feel like this song is very relatable. Did you experience this? Could you tell us more about the fox in the music video? 

I’m glad this song is resonating with people! And it does come from a true experience. I am a serial monogamist who is just constantly falling in love over and over, and this song is really about noticing that pattern! The fox is called Baz and was not harmed in the making of the video

11. You released “Raincheck” and “Nothing Matters When We’re Dancing” as a combo in 2021. Are these two songs connected? 

I chose the cover of Nothing Matters When We’re Dancing to accompany Raincheck as I just really wanted something to juxtapose how incredibly sad Raincheck is! I think that Magnetic Fields song is one of the most cute and romantic songs ever, and one of my favourite songs of all time and I think it just really worked!

12. “I Want Your Love (Oh My God!)” is your most recent single. Has this human given their love to you? What was the inspiration behind this single?

My latest single is about a love interest I had, and just the feeling of getting a crush on someone so strongly that you feel yourself doing silly things, and not even wanting to tell your friends because they would tell you off for getting carried away!

13.  Do you have any upcoming shows? What is next for Kitty Fitz?

I’m next playing supporting Melanie Baker with a solo slot at The Cavendish Arms on September 15th, but stay tuned for any other dates!

14. Where can readers listen to your music?

Readers can listen to my music on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Amazon, all the usual suspects! Thanks so much for having me!


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