It is Friday and you know that means, new music from your favorite independent artists from all over the globe. Check out Mustard’s roundup of songs they believe your human ears will enjoy!

I Need Your Touch – Sara Maatouk

With Summer approaching its end, Sara Maatouk provides us with a summer anthem that can be enjoyed throughout all seasons. In it Sara states “sunset is the perfect time to dance now” and Mustard could not agree more. There is an underlying tropical feel to this release that will have humans confessing their feelings on sandy beaches without the assistance of a martini.

Mustard recommends you share this song with your significant other, spouse, or crush.

Run Away – Flying Raccoon Suit

New to streaming platforms is Flying Racoon Suit’s “Run Away.” The horns on this single will absolutely blow your human mind resulting in an overpriced surgery. At just under 2 minutes Flying Raccoon Suit has momentum that would make Sonic The Hedgehog blush and reconsider. Ska is good. Ska is great. Ska should be listened to by you.

My Lonely Heart – Olivia Van Goor featuring William Bennett

Olivia Van Goor, who Mustard had the pleasure of recently speaking with, has graced us with their original song “My Lonely Heart.” Goor provides an alternative take on what it feels like to be lonely. But more importantly about self-care. Mustard has observed some humans do not do this as they may consider “selfish.” They disagree. Self-care can help provide a human better mental and physical health.

Mustard was blown away by Goor’s vocals and storytelling in this single. They look forward to Goor’s future original works!

Admission of Infirmity – Booze Radly

Bummer rock has never sounded so good. Booze Radly’s newest single will have you purchasing The Sims werewolf pack and destroying everything in sight. Thrashing can be good for the human soul and Booze Radly provides humans the opportunity to do so.

Can’t Get Out of This Mood – Samara Joy

If you have never listened to Samara Joy before Mustard believes you should start with their latest single. This single was announced with the news of their upcoming album “Linger Awhile”. Joy’s sound on their newest single remains timeless yet contemporary. “Can’t Get Out of This Mood” has all the elements of an unforgettable jazz song. After you have treated yourself to this Mustard recommends you check out Samara Joy’s self-titled album which is on all streaming platforms.

SHOUT ME OUT – Eichlers featuring oldphone

Freshly off tour Eichlers (featuring oldphone) with the incredibly catchy yet vulnerable SHOUT ME OUT. This single addresses an issue in our modern social media landscape – humans using popular artists to further elevate their status. They hope through their celebrity they will be able to achieve the same while not considering its life may not be super glamorous as Eichler’s confesses about their bank account.


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