To celebrate National Mustard Day (August 6th) JustSomeMustard is pleased to announce a follow up to their debut song “Hello (Its Mustard)” is in the works. Their next single will be called “Mustard Over Money.”

“Mustard Over Money” is about a condiment who discovered that their not only used for human consumption but to also help make some a profit. Mustard battles with capitalism in their future single.

“Mustard just wants humans to enjoy their many varieties without hurting their wallets.” Mustard said. They would go on to continue “capitalism is not for the average human, its rewards are reaped by corporations that look down upon them.”

For the first time, Mustard is not alone. Mustard is grateful to be working with 3 AM who just released their fun EP “3 Awkward Raps” (out now on all streaming platforms.) and will be producing and making the beat for the single.

More news about the single will be shared as the song develops and grows. Mustard is excited for you to have your human ears to listen to this song!


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