Review by: Mr. Substitute

Do you make faces when you listen to music? I have a nasty “stank” face when I listen to something that makes me go “Woah, what is this??? I like it!” Well thankfully my face won’t stay this way, no matter what they told us when we were kids. JASMINEGOLD’s latest album “Serpent” brings out things in me I thought were dormant: that incessant head-bob, that “you can’t touch me, I’m flying” feeling. This album is CLEAN. Start-to-finish, this album is a non-skipper (a term I’m hoping I just made up).

JASMINEGOLD put out a hip hop album (“Serpent”) that checks all the boxes for me: impeccable flow, stupid catchy beats, a storyline that is digestible. I think the best part of this album is that you can listen to it in any medium: blaring out of your car windows, put on in the background as workout or even listening on your headphones and just zoning. Ugh, it’s so good! It felt like a cold drink to a dry mouth. I keep finding myself going back to “Serpent” on my own accord and it keeps getting better and better.

JASMINEGOLD is a hip-hop/alternative duo from North Florida consisting of David Nights and Kj who are both meticulous and immaculate lyricists. “I’m not asking for donations, but I nearly lost my patience” (“Lean On”). And every track is line-after-line of memorable lyrics, finding just one lyric to quote was difficult. But at the end of the day, it’s JASMINEGOLD’s sound that has me enamored with them: each song is sitting at the same table, but not the same seat, and the chemistry between each track is electric–sensational.

“Serpent” snakes through the listener’s mind, slithering without effort between synapses and coils around your attention. Fresh AND familiar, aqueous AND hard, scrappy at times AND perfected. Check out the album on Spotify today!


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