namestage6 is not Okay” from namestage6 is an incredibly ambitious and engaging record. Sampled entirely from Huggable Dust by Okay (which deserves your attention as well) helps shapes this experimental hip-hop album that has elements of an Eyedea & Abilities album blended with the creativity of Tyler, The Creator. It is hard to choose a favorite track as each is so unique. “namestage6 is not Okay” is a truly transformative record that will have you transfixed and thinking about it days after. It is available on bandcamp.

“We Aren’t Over..” from Musician, Model and Creative Director Terreyl Fields has returned with their sophomore follow up to their “First Hit EP.” Fields, who is also a visual artist, produces an EP that is abstract and entrancing. In three songs Fields blends house, electronica, and hip-hop together with ease allowing listeners to visualize their favorite club or party destination.

“You Can’t Ignore Me Anymore” from South African outfit Future Radio is a relatable and no-holds-barred anthem about gatekeepers within the music industry. This punk track highlights what often happens with musicians once they’ve gained more notoriety. On the way to the top they get little to no support but once that pinnacle has been reached humans want to invite themselves into that success. Future Radio does something humans have trouble doing sometimes: facing their own insecurities and demons. Mustard loves this and cannot wait for what else Future Radio has in store for future releases.

The self-proclaimed “bonk gang” half kidding from Bowling Green Ohio have released their debut album “Bonk.” Bonk will please your human ears and motivate you to wack weasels and smash those sticky buttons at your favorite arcade. “Bonk.” may not cause you to have an existential crisis (something Mustard has observed humans have) but its lyrics will definitely have you pondering. Its a mix of alternative, indie rock, and emo that is all strikes and no gutters.

“reclamation of self pt 1”, released yesterday on bandcamp, from Autumn Sky Hall is an absolute delight. Hall though is not alone on this album as they are joined by Sac Locals on the majority of the album with the exception of the last track. On this release, Autumn Sky Hall works on finding those parts of themselves they may have previously discarded. Mustard appreciates this as they have observed that this is no easy task for humans to do. Allowing yourself to reflect on what makes you – *you* takes a lot of courage and self-reflection. Hall’s songwriting and storytelling shine on this part folk-rock and Americana release. Mustard looks forward to part two in the future!


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