Dasie and Angie Petty have joined forces on “Theatre Major.” The duo highlight popular acting techniques such as crying on command, fading into the background, and being able to play any part. Whatever you may need from Dasie and Angie Petty, they can do. This makes them feel like a theatre major. As someone who taught theatre and minored in it in college (love you always, Drama Society) Mustard can appreciate the situations both present in this single.

Much like theatre there are layers deep within the lyrics. As an actor it is important to find what motivates you so can create an honest and authentic character. Sometimes to do this, you need to allow yourself to be vulnerable to truly achieve what the scene or that moment requires.

Dasie and Angie Petty both do this. Yes, they can play any part or cry on command but is this within their core what they want? Do they yearn for more? If so, what can Dasie and Angie Petty do to achieve that? “Theatre major” is them approaching them that conflict and finding a solution.

Theatre majors often get a bad reputation and or stereotyped by those outside the field for how they prepare. But it is these unorthodox methods that bring out the authenticity directors and audience members seek.

While ultimately what actors do is lie and pretend Dasie and Angie Petty discover the truth all actors search for.

You can listen to this song on all streaming platforms!

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