Review by: Mr. Substitute

You know, growing up from a very young age, we really take for granted the first time we’ve felt certain things, certain sensations. Like what was it like the first time you put on one of those puffy jackets, that feeling? New sensations, new textures both physical and visual, at one point we’ve experienced it all for the first time. Electronic artist nowfeel recently released an album entitled “kin” that certainly arouses new things in my ears–and let me tell you, I’ve started to really dig this.

Exploring almost every corner of electronic music, “kin” is–in a word–transportational. Ranging from peaceful, tranquil sampling to gritty, dubstep bass drops, and then tying both ends of the spectrum together masterfully, this album is moving. There aren’t many lyrics, but the story told through the beats and samples is one of self-reflection, self-awareness. 

nowfeel–Ben Rissin– is a Canadian electronic musician whose Spotify bio describes as “introspective dance music” or “visceral electronica.” Like most good albums, “kin” is easy to listen to both passively and attentively, whether you’re on a good long run and need that boost of motivation coupled with intermittent and beautiful calms, or, if you’re studying for a final and need something upbeat but still meditative. Even then, this album has some serious danceability as well, something you could easily hear at an underground night club.
Whether you’re in your bedroom, on a train, in the gym or at the club, “kin” provides an ambiance that gets the blood going, the mind focused and the spirit aligned. This album truly felt like being teleported to another world deep within myself, all while keeping electronic beats that never stopped wowing me. You can check it out on Spotify and find all of nowfeel’s info from their Linktree.


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