Interview by: Mister Substitute

Mister Substitute had the pleasure of speaking with Ireland’s ISAA. Together they discussed their beginnings with music, their production, Ireland, and so much more. Check it out below!

Who is ISAA? How did you get started making your music?

I’m a Hip – Hop artist that focuses on motivating people through music. Exploring the themes of good and evil and the balance which is required to make your life better.

I got started around 4 years ago when I was at a point in my life where I was actively trying things, just anything for that matter. One of which was music, I remember listening to a random beat I found on YouTube and as soon as I heard it, a story just started developing in my mind. I instantly put the pen to the page and I let my imagination guide my hand across the paper. And that was it, after I believe 2 hours, I wrote my first ever song. After that I just kind of kept going, all the time, for 4 years.

Your songs are very well produced in the sense that your beats would be great instrumentals alone, but your rapping over it packs a very powerful punch. Do you make your own beats? What’s your process like? 

Well firstly, I really appreciate the kind words! Means a lot.

Normally I try to look through at least 30-50 beats a day on YouTube. So through this process I’ve narrowed down a few really awesome and consistent producers. I find the beats I like and I write to them. First things first I pinpoint what exactly the song should be about, from there…. a chorus! This is surprisingly the easiest part for me. I know exactly what I want my chorus to be within the first 20 seconds of listening, it’s just a matter of whether it’s good or not. Which is not always the case. Assuming the chorus is good to go, I move on to writing the rest of the song.

Ireland is an absolutely stunning country and I feel like “Smoking on Top of a Hill” paints this wonderful picture of “home,” do you often find inspiration from your hometown? Also, what’s the rap game like in Ireland?

Haha it really is!! That song in particular was a song about moving from Ireland to Poland and leaving a part of me behind. I miss Ireland for sure and to this day I still can’t get used to Poland. I definitely learned a ton being there, which 100% influences how I approach my music. The rap game in Ireland is interesting…. to say the least. They definitely drift more towards Drill Rap rather than your standard Hip – Hop, which is awesome, I mean it’s definitely unique and who knows, maybe it’s a style I’ve yet to explore.

All of your songs have varying musical styles that range from mellow and tranquil like in “Free” to some hard “blast this shit in your car and bob your head” tracks like “Careless.” Is there a type of music you like producing the most and is there a style you draw inspiration the most from? What would be a musical interest of yours that might surprise your listeners?

Wow, that’s a great question. I definitely think that music at its absolute core is an embodiment of creativity. Almost like food, you need to have different types of dishes at your restaurant to learn the different techniques behind each dish. I think the style I enjoy the most is the “Ok, I’m just gonna straight up RAP” – type style, like in my songs “Electric” and “Actualize”. I think that this style is best suited for my lyricism and allows me to really have fun with the wordplay. And at the end of the day, that’s most important right? To have fun!

In terms of style, I listen to a ton of Eminem, and I mean seriously, lots…. of Eminem. My style is definitely inspired by him and I try to learn from him as much as possible. There are many things that separate him from other artists so I try to really understand why he does what he does.I guess I’ve always been super interested in Indie – pop, however I don’t quite have the singing abilities to tackle that genre yet, but maybe one day.

So I’m looking at Spotify and seeing a lot of singles, PLEASE tell me you got a full length album coming out soon! What’s on the horizon for ISAA? Where can people find you on social media?

– My lips are sealed…… Nah I’m kidding, of course I got an album in the works and it’s set to release somewhere around the beginning of 2023! I got 2 more singles lined up for this year, so after those I’ll have an album with a couple of new tracks.

My new release “Hope Running” is the next thing on the horizon and it’s releasing on all streaming platforms on September 28th. I’ll be dropping announcements and early snippets on my Instagram @theoneisaa and my TikTok


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