A Face Fulla Dirt EP – The Knottie Boys

Maxwell Jacob Friedman and Smith Street Deli are not the only great things to come out of Long Island. The Knottie Boys newest EP “A Face Fulla Dirt” will inspire you to kick down the doors but also tug at your human heart. Songs such as “Song For Pat” and “Paul” provide great contrast by absolutely shredding while having you asking your roommate to grab you a Kleenex. Mustard appreciates how vulnerable The Knottie Boys are on this EP and look forward to future releases.

“BATS” – Tim Buds

Mustard cannot recommend this song enough. Buds is stuck “upside down” on his newest single “BATS.” Buds creates an atmosphere that is moody (in a good way) and electric. While not a human Mustard believes humans will be able to relate how Tim Buds feel. He “makes friends with the bats” and is down on themselves. Mustard hopes the situation will change for Tim Buds as they are an fantastic songwriter and performer.

“Young” – Arco Arena

Music Shelf has had the pleasure of interviewing and reviewing music coming out of Ireland from artists such as Future West. Mustard is happy to continued to do this with Arco Arena’s latest release “Young.” Arco Arena delivers track that will have you rocking no matter your location while also making you stop to think. This single mourns wasted time while foreshadowing a victorious future ahead. If you are not checking out music from Arco Arena (and Ireland in general) Mustard recommends you do so now.


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