Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with Maryland’s Jordyn Taraez. Together we discussed the role music played during their childhood, their philosophy on songwriting, opening for Maude Latour, their upcoming single “Can’t Talk”, and so much more!

1. Mustard would like to thank you for joining them. How are you doing today? 

Hi! Thank you so much for having me. I’m doing great, so excited to be talking to you. 

2. You started taking piano lessons at 3. But did not begin writing songs until you were 8. Do you remember the first song you wrote? Additionally, what role did music play in your childhood? 

Yes, I very vividly remember my first song. I was performing in a talent song, and my parents suggested that I write a song instead of doing a cover. At this point I had been performing for a few years, but never my own material. Without my parents’ support, who knows when I would’ve started writing. 

The song was called “Free to Be Me”, and it was all about following your dreams! I don’t remember all the lyrics, but I remember the 1st line of the chorus was “this is the time to believe that you can do anything”. 

Music has always been the main focus in my life, even throughout my childhood. I’m so grateful that my family has encouraged me to explore my passions, and even pushed me to try new things like songwriting. 

3. Beyonce and Victoria Monet are two of your creative influences. Could you share more about the impact these artists have had on you? 

Beyonce will always be one of my favorite performers and Victoria will always be one of my favorite writers. Both women are fierce, unapologetic, and masters of their craft and it’s been so inspiring to see their careers unfold over the years. Whether I’m on stage or in the studio, I always hold myself to the highest standard, push myself creatively, and show up like a queen, cause I know that’s what they would do. 

4. What is your songwriting process? 

Each song is a little different, but with my upcoming single “Can’t Talk” here was the process. I came into the session knowing that I wanted to write about that weird space between longing for someone and having found closure. Then we laid down some chords, and I started doing a melody pass. A melody pass is just when you start recording a bunch of melodies over the chords until something feels right. Once we finalized the melody, we wrote the chorus first, then shaped the rest of the song around the chorus.

No matter what the process of writing a particular song is, I always make sure to focus on having a strong message and a catchy hook and melody. 

5. Your songs are little stories for your life experiences. How do you decide what experiences become songs? 

That’s a great question, if something is really weighing on my mind I know I need to write about it. Getting my emotions out on paper really helps me to work through my feelings, and sometimes even find a little bit of closure. 

6. Earlier this year you opened for Maude Latour. Could you share how that came together? What was that experience like? 

I connected with Maude about a year prior to the show, so it was amazing to get to open for her and finally meet her in person. I had never opened for an artist before, and she was so sweet and really cheered me on. 

The show was at Songbyrd Music House, a venue near my hometown (I’m from Maryland) so it made the experience extra special! There were people in the audience screaming in between songs and saying that their siblings knew me from high school, or that they had seen me perform before which was so cool. It was truly a show I’ll never forget. 

Here is a little recap of the show that is on my YouTube 

7. Mustard loves the message of your debut single “So Good (On My Own.)” What advice would you give to those looking to do the same? 

At the end of the day we are with ourselves 100% of the time, so it is important to have a great relationship with ourselves. That is what “So Good (On My Own)” is ultimately about. You have to be secure with yourself. And if someone in your life isn’t making you feel happy, remember, it’s better to be on your own than with them. 

8. This week you will be releasing your second single “Can’t Talk.” What can fans expect from your new single? 

Yes, I am so excited for the song to be out in the world September 23rd! I wrote the song back in January of 2022 so it’s been a long journey to finish this one. You should expect powerhouse vocals, pianos, synths, 808s and raw honest lyrics. “Can’t Talk” starts as an intimate ballad and transforms into a freeing pop song.

Each element of the song sonically reflects the ups, downs, and tumultuous journey of finding closure. 

9. Do you have any upcoming shows? Can you describe what a Jordyn Tareaz show is like? 

When you’re at a Jordyn Tareaz show, I make sure everyone in the audience feels special and really a part of the experience. I love interacting with the crowd, whether I’m talking to them or we’re singing together. It’s high energy, I’m belting, riffing and dancing a little. 

Here’s a link to one of my live performances so y’all can experience just what I’m talking about: 

I just moved out to LA for the semester, so I don’t have any shows booked yet. But hopefully I’ll be playing live soon. It’s my favorite part of being an artist. 

10. Where can readers listen to your music? 

Everywhere! Here is a link: 

I would love for anyone reading this to check out my music and my socials. Let’s stay in touch!


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