Emily Gray – England

Emily Gray returns home to England on this triumphant track that will inspire you to want to return home as well. She asks if the aging streets will remember her name. This line provokes so much and enacts your favorite hometown memories to come to the forefront.

For anyone who has been away from home for a significant portion of time, Mustard believes you will be able to relate to this. Or just experiencing homesickness in general. My human intern has experienced this more recently and finally being able to visit their home allowed them the comfort they were looking for. Gray’s “England” should do the same.

Mustard also feels like this song would absolutely smash with a live crowd singing along no matter their geographical location.

Grooblen – Escher Girl

Prepare to become wormified!

Following up her debut album “One of Four” Grooblen has returned with a jazzy-pop symphony that is “Escher Girl.” Grooblen’s signature sound returns on this single that you will inevitably be singing wherever you may be. “Escher Girl” effortlessly blends pianos, synths, drums and more.

For better context; an Escher Girl is an objectified caricatured portrayal of women. These often can be found in comic books. On Escher Girl, Grooblen overcomes a traumatic sexist experience while emphasizing “I wish I didn’t have to fell this way.” Mustard wish they did not have to feel that way either.

Recurrent – The Path/The Light

Benito Skarp, of Mt. Seaside, has embarked on a solo journey. Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with Benito (who goes by Recurrent) about these two songs. These songs are an exploration of Benito’s mental health and “accepting everything as it is.” Both songs provide a contrast as “The Lights” is a tribute to Benito’s loved ones while “The Path” is about Benito’s feelings of wanting to let go.

Mustard believes that humans who struggle with their mental health will be able to see themselves in these songs. While it may be difficult to harbor and think about these feelings Benito’s two songs should provide comfort.

Eliot Lipp – Young Alphine

Mustard was introduced to Eliot Lipp a few months back while listening to Lipphead’s “In The Nude” which was in collaboration with Blockhead. That release took Mustard by surprise and ended up as one of their favorite releases this year. Lipp has returned to their solo endeavors in this super slick jazzy electro-funk production “Young Alphine.”

Lipp has this incredible ability to tell a story through their instrumentation. Mustard recommends you close your eyes while listening to Lipp’s work as it will transport you to worlds only imaginable in your mind.

This song has received support from the likes of BBC 6 Music, FIP, Pitchfork, Indie Shuffle and Magnetic Mag and understandably so.


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