Written by: Mister Substitute

Across the vast wastelands of hell, from the smokey pile of tired, skanked-out Rudies, comes a new challenger for the Devil himself: Hexadecibel. Hailing from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, Hexadecibel is the workings of the talented Brandon Turner and labels themselves as “Electro-ska.” Their latest release is a single through Beautiful Rat Records entitled “Skanking with the Devil.”

“Skanking with the Devil” is a showdown between Hexadecibel and the dubstep-playing Devil himself. With homage to Charlie Daniels and Tenacious D, “Skanking with the Devil” highlight’s Hexadecibel’s outstanding production of Electro-Ska with some jaw-dropping dubstep.

This latest single was something that both Mustard and I thoroughly enjoyed and even now, listening to it for the fourth or fifth time now, it always has me bouncing around! “Skanking with the Devil” is out this Friday, September 30th! Check out Hexadecibel on Twitter and Instagram to keep up-to-date on what they’re making.


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