Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with Ohio’s Anthony Church. Together we discussed their production influences, their creative process, being a member of Proven Knowledge, and their upcoming work.

1. Hello! Mustard is grateful to have you join them. How are you doing today?

I’m doing great and I appreciate you for having me!

2. You’ve been active since 2016 as a producer. Who are some producers that have influenced and inspired you?

There’s a lot but I’d say my top 5 that I’ve learned the most from are Hit-Boy, DJ Dahi, Mike Dean, No I.D. & Kanye West. I’ve listened to the music they’ve made the most over the past 10 years so they’re all definitely important people in my music journey

3. Could you share with us your creative process as a producer?

My creative process is usually just me sitting down and coming up with something on the fly. I tend not to overthink it and force anything I usually start with a melody and go from there to build it up into something that I at least feel is presentable even if it’s not a full song. That’s really been my method since the beginning and just keeping things simple.

4. Who would you love to produce a track for? Who have you produced a track for that you recommend readers check out?

I’m really always open to working with anyone who shares the same vision as me. Weather it be an independent or signed artist doesn’t really matter as long as I feel I can come in and contribute to what they have going on. So not one particular person in mind. As far as who I’ve worked with and would recommend I really love the material I’ve done with an artist named Cherry Luna! We did an EP called “Bloodred” in 2020 and are still actively working on more music but I love her sound and her talent level. I’ve always felt she has elevated my work and brought out a different side of my sound that I wasn’t able to accomplish on my own so I think we’ll always have a creative chemistry that is very special!

5. You’re a member of Proven Knowledge. Could you share with Mustard more about that? How would a human get involved with Proven Knowledge?

So Proven Knowledge is essentially a creative umbrella for the content that me and my friend and artist JayTrey came up with to release under. It has also led to the podcast and clothing brand as well that just allows us to get more ideas off and also connect with other like minded artists around the world. Since it’s more open door anyone who wants to be involved in some way can reach out to us and if we feel you can contribute we’re more than happy to see what we can do together!

6. In 2020 you released three volumes of “Life Test.” What was the process like putting these together? Can they be enjoyed out of order or is there a narrative that intertwines throughout?

I really wanted to start self releasing music under my own name so those were the first instrumental projects I put out and they were really fun to do! The concept was just adding skits to the tracks that had to do with a life lesson that most people would be able to relate to and pair it up with a beat that I felt fit the message. They were all a good starting ground for the other instrumental projects I’ve done so it’s good to look back and see that the experience paid off!

7. These are not the only EPs you have released as you have gone on to release EPS such as “The Value Scale” and “Social Setting.”  How does the EP format benefit you as a producer?

I’m always a fan of EPs at least currently because it serves as a good middle ground between a single and an album. You’re able to give fans just enough to leave them wanting more and it also allows you to release multiple projects in a year if you want as opposed to a full album with all the tracks coming out at once. I’ve been just trying out different formats for releases but for the instrumental projects I definitely prefer this method to keep listeners intrigued in the theme and concepts for the different works.

8. Your most recent single is a collaboration with The Artist 336 on “Coming For More.” How did this collaboration come together?

This track was done last summer through email after me and Artist got connected. He lives in North Carolina and he knocked out the track in a couple weeks at his home setup and sent it back. I was just a huge fan of his delivery and energy over the style of production so I knew I wanted to release it as a single just for people to enjoy. We’ve had talks of doing a project together so hopefully that still happens in the near future and we can give people more jams like this one!

9. What’s next for Anthony Church?

Just a lot more music I’ll be releasing myself and more placements with different artists so it’s all very exciting. Other then that just new podcast episodes each week and more great conversations with different creatives who I’m a fan of!

10. Where can readers listen to your music?

I’m on all platforms under Anthony Church and on Spotify and YouTube you’ll be able to hear my playlist “Produced By: Anthony Church” that has all of the music I’ve worked on so far!


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