EM- Catch Me If You Can (falling) featuring Omari Marsalis

Nottingham’s Emily Baldwin “Catch Me If You Can (falling)” is a smashing and relatable hit. While Mustard lacks human emotions they have observed humans who are unsure of what you are supposed to do in life. This indecision is the driving force of Baldwin’s newest song. Baldwin is not alone on this single as Omari Marsalis provides a great guest verse. Mustard believes this song has the power to help humans out of that slump they are in.

Expert Frowner – No Smiles EP

Expert Frowner is influenced by three sources on their newest EP “No Smiles.” Those influences are Britpop hooks of the 90s, post-punk guitars, and guitar solos that shred like mozzarella. The EP opens with a proverbial bang “Rookie of the Year” that introduces the listener to each of these primary elements. It also highlights Patrick Haynes willingness to self-depreciate. “No Smiles” is a result of extra time at home for Haynes during the pandemic.

Humans did not plan for a global pandemic but many, including Haynes, used that time to work on and develop their art. “No Smiles” is not all fun and games as track three “See You Again” is a lot more somber about the death of a parent. This is no easy subject to speak about. Mustard appreciates Hayne’s ability to open up and sing about such a difficult topic.

No Smiles will delight your human ears and inspire you to rock wherever you may be.

Future Radio – Constant State of War

When artists switch up their sound or style it can be met with backlash. Future Radio, who creates songs that are energetic and up tempo have taken another path with their newest single “Constant State of War.” Constant State of War is a moody ballad about the struggles of letting go of a toxic relationship. Mustard can relate to this as their complicated relationship often feels a battlefield.

The war within this song though is internal. Johnny Future, songwriter and frontman, confronts the evil within them. This is no easy task for humans to do but after they do so humans usually feel better.

Mustard looks forward to what is next for Future Radio.


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