Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with Sweden’s Tiffany Lorentz. This interview took place prior to the release of their latest single “High & Drywhich is now streaming on all platforms.

1. Mustard is grateful to have you join them at Music Shelf. How are you doing today?

Thank you for having me, it’s a pleasure! I’m fine, thank you. So happy ‘High & dry’ finally is released and I’ve had a great day just taking care of myself and celebrating my release:)

2. What was the song or album that inspired you to want to start making music?

That’s such a good question. I think there’s a mix, but Taylor Swift was definitely one of my early inspirations when starting to write my own music. My first song was called “Fairytale” and those lyrics were very, very similar to ‘Love story’ by Taylor Swift, haha…

3. You believe that everything happens for a reason. Because of this you believe your musical journey may have begun. Do you remember the moment or instance when you knew this is what you wanted to do?

Yes, that’s correct. I’ve always wanted to do music, but it hasn’t always been obvious to me that I can do it. After I finished high-school I remember that I felt something was missing, and that I needed to do something. That’s when I moved to Stockholm to study music.

4. Exploring and learning about yourself is no easy human task. How has self-discovery and traveling the world helped you as an musician?

I think it’s the other way around for me. That music has helped me in my self-discovery. It has always been my way of expressing myself, and understanding what I’m feeling. It would be awesome if I could travel the world with my music someday, I´m sure it would be very helpful to me in my personal journey, cause I really believe traveling can help us all get closer to ourselves and our feelings. And also help us to be grateful and appreciate what we have, which I think is one big part of self-discovery.

5. How long have you been studying songwriting and music production for? Who are some of your favorite songwriters and producers?

I studied performance and songwriting for a year. It was a year of writing a lot of songs and learning about my own expression. After that year I studied music production and songwriting for another year which was focused on writing for other artists. My absolute favourite songwriter and producer at the moment is ‘Orla Gartland’. Check her out, she’s amazing!

6. In 2017 you released “Give Time.” What was the inspiration behind this single? Why is it important humans give themselves time?

Yes! That one means so much to me cause it was the first song of mine I heard produced, mixed and mastered. That was such a cool feeling hearing that for the first time, almost surreal and it made me very emotional I remember, haha. I wrote it during a period in my life when I felt very lost. It was right after finishing high-school and I felt like I didn’t have a clue what I should do next. Everything felt really confusing. The lyrics are like a page from my diary and are about the pressure I felt during that time. I wanted to say that it’s important to give yourself time during times when you feel lost. That it’s okay not having everything figured out and that you can go your own way. Eventually you will know what you want to try, and then you should go for it.

7. You were one of eight finalists apart of the Swedish music competition “P4 Nasta” with your second single “Home.” What was that experience like?

It was a really fun experience. I met so many nice and talented people, and I really did forget that it was a competition. I had such fun days, and it was the first time I heard my music play on national radio thanks to the competition, I think that was the best part!

8. If Mustard or any other human wanted to visit Sweden where do you recommend they check out?

Wow, that question has so many good answers! The first thing that comes to mind is the southern parts of Sweden. The landscape there is beautiful, so if you can rent a car, I recommend you visit ‘Skåne’ for a road trip or a nice hike if you like that. If you want to see the northern lights, which is the best thing I know, you should visit the northern parts. Both options are amazing 🙂

9. Your upcoming single “High & dry” comes out soon and is the last single of your EP before it is complete. What can fans expect from this single?

You can expect a lot of emotion. It’s a song I hope people can listen to when needing to feel empowered or comforted. That song helps me trust my gut, and I hope that can be felt through the nice pads, keys, drums and guitars.

10. What does Tiffany Lorentz show look like? How would you describe the experience?

A show of mine contains intimate music with only my guitar and harmonies, but also explosive songs where I get to feel it all and just sing very loud haha. I like when a show offers both the singer/songwriter feel of it all, but also the full-band and audience sharing the fun in loud music together that makes you want to move.

11. Do you have any upcoming shows?

At the moment I’m planning the gig for my debut EP, and hopefully there’ll be gigs during fall before I release my EP.

12. Where can readers listen to your music?

You can listen to my music wherever suits you. Spotify, Apple music, Deezer, Youtube, Soundcloud, Tidal. Wherever! I also put up a lot of short videos on my instagram and tik-tok. I’ll post the links below.


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