Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with Long Island’s The Knottie Boys. Together we discussed their favorite knots, the LIRR, their latest EP, and so much more.

1. Mustard would like to thank The Knottie Boys for joining them. How is everyone?

Dan: the Knottie Boys are very much good yes! Thank you

2. What is everyone’s favorite knot? Do The Knottie Boys have a least favorite knot?

Dan: I think a simple shoe tying knot is the best one. Very useful. I dislike the slipknot though. Not the band love those guys. Just don’t trust magicians.

Ryan: I’m gonna say the square not. It’s simple, got a lot of uses. Just a genius knot really.

Tom: yeah the square knot

3. How did The Knottie Boys form? What is your origin story?

Nicky: Well one morning I woke up in a stranger’s bed, this stranger was soon revealed to be a bearded romantic by the name of Dan, whose hair was entangled to mine. Later that same day, we came across a wet angel, Ryan, who had just washed ashore. Not long after, Tom hatched just next door and crashed some cymbals for us.

Dan: Something like that

4. You hail from Long (or Strong) Island, New York. What are some spots you recommend humans check out if in the area?

Nicky: it’s wrong island. And Walmart it’s open till 11. There’s transformers there. They might have Ape Face deception figure if you see him please get him for me please.

Dan: Well every corners got a pizza spot but me favorites Nonnas. Also your should go to Amity Ville for the ghosts as well as the music hall which is very nice.

5. Have The Knottie Boys played a show on the Long Island Rail Road? What is your favorite stop?

Ryan: wyandanch cause the robot guy says it funny. Love that dude. No shows there yet tho :/

6. In 2020 you released your first album “Modern Day Vampire.” What inspired this album? Could you share more about putting this album together?

Dan: Modern Day Vampire was a really fun record to record. It was our first time in the studio for us and it was a really great expericence. The album is really inspired by the experience of being a teenager thrown into adulthood in modern times. It’s a difficult time period that we were and still are all going through. The song Growing Pains on that record I feel like says it all. The album was recorded at DCity studios and produced by the wonderful Thomas Michael Cavanagh. I feel like the record truly oozes our joy and depression from that time for us.

7. Your most recent release “A Face Fulla Dirt” kicks a ton of human butt while also being extremely vulnerable. Was that intentional? What went into this EP?

Dan: It was pretty intentional. I mean Sadsquatch is pretty much a song just listing all my problems. But we are never able to be fully vulnerable without putting up our defenses of Ryan’s shredding so that helps. This EP was definitely more intimate and personal than we usually are which is really cool but very scary. Most people seem to like it so far though. It took a good amount of time and listening to each other which I just find very important in general. 

Nicky: Glue and crayons

8. The cover art of “A Face Fulla Dirt” reminds Mustard of classic Playstation 1 games. What is The Knottie Boys favorite Playstation 1 game?

Nicky: my favorites definitely cash benooka. The controls are ass though.

Tom: Tony hawk pro skater 2 is super fun.

Ryan: silent hill. Cardboard pants.

Dan: I enjoy Spyro he’s my boy

9. What’s next for The Knottie Boys?

Ryan: we’re stuck in jersey please help us.

Dan: getting the van fixed right now. After that, perhaps a new record? We’d also love to get a tour going. So if you’d like to see us in your town and wanna book us our email is

10. Where can readers listen to your music?

Dan: We’re In Spotify, Apple, deezer, bandcamp, all of it really. Except SoundCloud. We’re not rappers yet.


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