High & Dry – Tiffany Lorentz

Since its release “high & dry” by Tiffany Lorentz is a song that Mustard keeps going back to. Mustard believes it is a combination of Lorentz welcoming voice, well-crafted lyrics, and the general great energy of the song. Lorentz told Mustard that she hopes this songs makes listeners feel comforted and empowered while also making it trust her gut.

Humans have guts and sometimes they have issues trusting their instincts. Mustard’s bottle ingredients feel this way about ketchup. While humans love to pair us together Mustard’s bottle feels more comfortable being alone without being reminded of ketchup’s narcissism.

“High & dry” is the last single off Lorentz upcoming EP. Mustard looks forward to this release!

Ghost – Mango in Euphoria

Mango in Euphoria has expanded and evolved the disco genre into their own brand of “dark disco.” Listeners got a taste of this on her first single “Goddess” and Mango in Euphoria adds another layer with her second single “Ghost.”

Ghost tells the story about the fear of being abandoned. In it, Mango in Euphoria opens up about her weaknesses and delivers a haunting and incredible track. Dark disco is of Mango’s own creation and something Mustard recommends human pay attention too.

Here’s To Feelin’ Good All The Time – Kid You Not

Saint Augustine’s Kid You Not have returned with their fourth album, “Here’s To Feelin’ Good All The Time.” This record is infectiously positive and endearing. It will inspire humans to open up a pit and mosh while also making sure your fellow concertgoers are safe. Mustard is not a human but they found themselves relating to this album.

Topics such as anxiety, depression, allowing yourself to be vulnerable, and doomscrolling can be heard throughout. These are all things that humans deal with on a daily basis.

Mustard believes there is not a bad track on this record. In fact, as soon as they finished listening to it, they went back and listened to it again. It is that enjoyable and fun to listen too.

Forgive & Forget (But Mostly Forget) – Bebe Berry

Bebe Barry has graced us with another energetic and relatable tune. Barry, who recently, opened up an independent music venue called “Katz Space” in London throws away those times of being treated badly into the past.

Rather than dwell on it and have it potentially cause more harm Barry quite literally forgives and forgets (but mostly forget.) There is always some sage wisdom sparkled throughout Barry’s lyrics. In this instance, it is advice from her mum.

Barry’s signature chaotic sound is at the forefront of this new single and will have listeners singing along in no time.

Little Libra – eevie echoes

eevie echoes is a name that will be headlining ska/punk shows within the next few years.

“Little Libra” was released apart of Weird Sister Records that also recently released one of Mustard’s favorite tracks of the year “Escher Girl” by Grooblen.

While Mustard has no comprehension of horoscopes or zodiac signs they appreciate and enjoy the ferocity of this track. The instrumentation of “Little Libra” is so catchy and ska that it will inspire humans to skank fourty-seven blocks for the next two weeks. If you listen closely though this song it is about a human trying to process trauma and the myriad of emotions that humans deal with. Mustard believes humans will be able to relate to this and get comfort from eevie’s lyrics.

Mustard cannot wait to see what eevie echoes does next. If you have not listened to eevie echoes before, Mustard recommends you begin now.


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