Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with Earth is for Aliens. Together we discussed the existence of aliens, their thoughts on humans, their influences, and upcoming single “Halloween.”

1. Mustard is thankful to have you join them. How are you doing today?

I’m doing well, thanks for asking, and thank you for interviewing me.

2. Humans have debated for years about the existence of aliens. Your name makes a statement: earth is for aliens. Can you provide proof of this for any possible naysayers?

Earth is for Aliens and is meant to be a home for people without a home, a place where everyone can belong. There are so many people out there who feel isolated and I think that’s who will run the future.

3. What do aliens think of humans? Do aliens have a favorite human food and activity?

Aliens think you guys should take better care of your planet but we love the music!! It’s weird that you guys can’t see it, but we dig it nonetheless.

4. What song or album had an impact on you? Did this song or album inspire you to begin making music?

Trees by Twenty One Pilots was really important to me during my teenage years, every time I played it felt important. I started writing songs on a ukulele, so TOP is a huge reason I started.

5. Who (or what) influences you?

I listen to a lot of folk music, but Hippo Campus or Turnover are my biggest influences. My brother who is an artist has always been a big supporter of my music. He has just the most infectious positive energy as a person, so he inspires a lot of the positivity in my music.

6. Mustard digs the artwork on all your albums. Did you design these?

Thank you! Yeah, I did, it’s been really fun making them over the years. I’ve worked with an artist before, but I’ve come to enjoy making the covers. I started out photoshopping, but now I draw most of them. My personal favorites are “Dedicated” and “Overwhelmed”

7. In 2020 you released “Vultures.” What was the inspiration behind this single? Do aliens consider humans “vultures?”

Vulture was about a friend who had moved away, it’s happened to me before, so the lyrics drew on that feeling of “Seriously this again?”

8. This year you’ve released two albums: Jazz Cat and Going Going Gone. Could you share more about this albums? What kind of jazz do cats play?

I picked up my dad’s old saxophone for a bit and his cat was obsessed with it, so that inspired the art and the title. Going Going Gone is an album about trying to fall in love with yourself while it feels like the world is ending. It’s really my own journey and people have really connected with it so that means a lot to me.

9. In a few days you have a single called “Halloween” coming out. What can fans expect from this single?

Halloween is a chill bop that builds. I’m a big Phoebe Bridgers fan, who also has a song called Halloween, I’ve always wanted to write a song called Halloween, so I’m stoked to have done it.

10. What’s next for Earth Is For Aliens?

I’ve got an album all about anxiety coming out next year, I also am releasing acoustic versions of some of the songs on Going Going Gone in November.

11. Where can readers listen to your music?

Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube, and you can find me on Instagram @Earthisforaliens. Thank you for interviewing me!


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