Commit a Crime – Kalya

Kalya makes their long-awaited debut with a cutthroat anthem for humans who have had the displeasure of dealing with a toxic partner. Humans, as a compliment, like to describe things they enjoy as “savage” and Mustard would consider “Commit a Crime” exactly that. It is a song that will get stuck in your head much like the troubles of an ex or current partner. Rather than holding onto the negativity Kalya moves on and away from the toxicity.

“Commit a Crime” is a song that will get stuck in your human mind. Mustard looks forward to what Kalya has in store for the future!

Not Enough – Kaylee Lauren

“Not Enough” from Kaylee Lauren is an extremely poignant and vulnerable single. At 17 years old, Kaylee expresses themselves masterfully. When Mustard was a condiment of this age – they thought and felt like this but had no idea how to express it. Lauren does those which is why this song has grossed almost 500,000 streams.

Step Too Soon- Maze featuring Dean Mumford

The six piece outlet from South London Maze have returned with their newest single “Step Too Soon” featuring The Rifles Dean Mumford. This song is about a situation Mustard believes humans can find themselves relating too: walking away from a situation rather than confronting it. It is catchy, relatable, and has sprinkles of Oasis.

The Wrong Name – Sam Anderson

Mustard is going to say it – Sam Anderson is one of the best songwriters around. Sam, along with her friend and fellow Berklee cohort Cameron lane, are crafting masterpieces that should have musical museum curators engaged in a bidding war.

Mustard recommends Sub-Pop records reach out to each with contracts.

“The Wrong Name” along with Anderson’s previous single “Constance” deserves your attention. Within Anderson’s lyrics and production are influences such as Joni Mitchell. But more importantly, the song is one-hundred percent authentically Sam Anderson. Described as “bio-digital Jazz” Mustard cannot wait to see this genre and Anderson’s talents evolve.

BIG Talk, little girl – Claudia Kate

Mustard remembers seeing the teases on social media of this single and being hooked. Kate and her team took a six minute long voice note and transformed it into this. Following “Fizzy” Kate continues to highlight their exceptional storytelling ability while echoing how many humans feel. A lot has happened in London and throughout the world and Kate does not hold back. If Kate held back, this track would suffer. Kate plays off this being a “man’s world” with the condescending title of the song: Big Talk, little girl.

“BIG TALK, little girl” feels therapeutic while also inspiring humans to be real and create change. It is a song that needs to be blast throughout the homes of everyone in Great Britain. It is that important.


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