Following the release of “Just Friends” Marilyn Hucek returns with a single inspired by her family member falling in love and getting cat-fished on “Internet Romance.” This situation was furthered examined on Netflix’s “The Tinder Swindler.”

Mustard has observed humans using online dating applications to meet other humans. Unfortunately though, and in the case of Hucek’s family member, they were a victim of online manipulation and a scam. Online dating is tricky terrain to navigate as it is can be difficult to decipher what is truth and what is fiction.

Hucek’s synth-electronic “Internet Romance” reminds listeners to pay attention to any red flags they may discover within the online community. If something seems fishy, talk with a friend or family member before moving forward with communication.

It is fitting that Hucek released this single so close to the human holiday Halloween as Marilyn comes alive from the dead in Internet Romance.

“Internet Romance” is catchy and will you have singing along but not without making you reconsider downloading Tinder or another online dating application. Hucek’s star continues to shine and Mustard looks forward to whatever they may have in store for the future!


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