Spilly Cave – SPILLY CAVE

Philadelphia’s Spilly Cave is a charismatic enigma. That moniker is usually reserved for professional wrestler Jeff Hardy but Mustard believe it fits Spilly Cave just as well if not more. For those who do not follow Spilly Cave on social media platform TikTok or have stopped by their Twitch channel Mustard highly recommends they do. In a sea of repetitive and tired trends, Spilly Cave breaks the mold by offering viewers something different with their distinct style.

Spilly Cave’s debut album is the perfect blend of psychedelic rock meets Japanese City Pop. Mustard would not classify Spilly Cave as Japanese City Pop but the influence can be found throughout. Much like the works of Ginger Root or Anri, Mustard feels like they could throw on Spilly Cave’s debut album on at anytime and just vibe. Vibing is a thing humans do that Mustard has observed. Each track is so unique while remaining effortlessly cohesive.

Mustard cannot pin-down a favorite track on the album as collectively it is exceptional. SPILLY CAVE does not feel like a 43 minutes. In the same vein of a Kazichuka Okada match (which sometimes go the same length) you are engaged the entire time from beginning to end. “One last thing” may be the album’s Rainmaker but ultimately it is something you will remember days and after you listen too it.

Leah Jean – Stalker

“Stalker” from Leah Jean is a song that Mustard has listened too repeatedly. It, much like an actual stalker, will stay with you internally. Unlike a stalker though who causes and evoke negative feelings Leah Jean’s single does the opposite. In fact, Mustard finds Jean’s haunting vocals comforting. Jean’s vocals have the same effect as your favorite blanket or cup of roobios tea. The subject matter is heavy but ultimately you feel like you will be able to overcome the obstacles put in front of you by the stalker.

Jean’s stalker comes in the form of anxiety and depression. A stalker is the perfect description of both anxiety and depression. You evoke a restraining order and build walls but does it truly ever leave you? From a psychological standpoint Mustard does not believe so.

Jean has crafted an glitzy indie-pop song that feels like your favorite prose. The outro of the song by Sam Roller takes the song to another level and elevates the uneasiness of it all. Humans often do not feel comfortable when feeling anxious or depression and the outro will sent chills down human spines.

Jemma Johnson – Love Rush

Jemma Johnson’s “Love Rush” which features Ed Sheeran’s drummer Mark Punsey is a high-octane energy song that would make the Fast and Furious family blush. Johnson’s inspiration introduces her newfound confidence and gives a human middle finger to toxic relationships and heartbreak. Mustard is acquaintances with beverages such as Monster Energy and your local supermarket coffee but even they would be jealous of how much energy this song contains.

“Love Rush” was featured on BBC’s Introducing East Midlands and understandably so. It is the perfect song to add your exercise playlist or to get out any frustration you may have. Rather than feeling defeated, this song should instill you with the confidence boost you need.


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