Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with Chloe Moser ahead of the release of their upcoming single “Tell Me.” Together we discussed music being a form of therapy, their favorite Hannah Montana Song, their influences, and so much more!

1. Mustard is thankful to have you join them. How are you doing today?

I am thankful to be interviewed by Mustard! I am quite well!

2. Music has been a part of your life since you came out of the womb. What type of music did you grow up with? Additionally, do you have a song or album that had a significant impact on you?

Yes, it has been part of my life since I was a dumb little baby. I grew up with all kinds of music, but my mom was always in rock bands while I was growing up so I heard a lot of Pat Benatar. My sister always played pop stuff in the car so it varied from Paramore, The Used, Justin Bieber, Maroon 5, Avril Lavigne, and so much more that influenced me. I was always really inspired by Songs About Jane by Maroon 5, and I always remember thinking that I wanted to make music like that.

3. Making music is a form of therapy for you. What do you find most relaxing/healing about making music?

Writing music is definitely therapeutic. It’s also terrifying. Sometimes I will write an entire song, not knowing what it’s about or where these lyrics are stemming from, and a few months later I’ll realize why I was feeling that way and why I wrote certain lines. My subconscious is extremely present, but it doesn’t make itself known. But also it’s how I express myself, and to know that people are relating to my words is extremely relieving. 

4. What is your favorite Hannah Montana song?

Oh my goodness I love you Mustard. I also hate you for making me choose, but Supergirl goes so crazy. If We Were A Movie is so good too. Thank you for asking this. 

5. What is your songwriting process?

Depends! Sometimes I will get a little diddy in my head, I’ll record it in my voice memos app so I don’t forget, I’ll record it, and it becomes my favorite song I’ve ever written. That can take up to 2 days or 2 years to finish the whole song, just depends on my head space at that time.

6. Who (or what) influences you?

I have always been very influenced by self-made artists. Cavetown for example has always been so inspiring for me because they started in their bedroom, learned how to produce and record everything all alone, and has made an incredible career from it. Same with Drew Monson, his songs aren’t incredibly produced or are super squeaky clean like Michael Jackson, but he has some songs that I couldn’t live without.

7. In 2018 you released your EP “Beach City.” Could you share more about this release? Did a specific beach city inspire this EP?

Beach City is the first album I’ve written, recorded and released. I was probably around 15 years old when I started writing and recording the songs, hence the baby voice and braces sounding “s” sounds. I honestly was inspired by Steven Universe’s Beach City and how they would have monsters crawling around and it wasn’t as safe as the civilians thought it was. I don’t really like admitting that I wrote a song after a cartoon but it definitely was inspired!

8. You’ve been tasked to write a jingle for your ideal beach city. What would this jingle sound like?

That jingle would sound like xylophones, waves crashing, perhaps a melodica panned in the left ear 45%. A ukulele would probably suit that jingle best. I think also a shaker with a little reverb and a stand up bass? I’m just thinking out loud here.

9. The following year you released “Elementary.” What was the inspiration behind this album? Can elementary school children enjoy this album?

I think only cool elementary school children could enjoy that album. I’ll admit, she’s a little all over the place, but that’s kinda how I like my projects. The inspiration was honestly my friends that I had around, I was constantly inspired and always wanted to create.

10. Humans love to reminisce about “the good old days.” What are some of your favorite pastimes? Could you share more about your album reminisce?

I was going to type that I like to reminisce about my childhood, but I don’t know if I really do! Sure it’s nostalgic but I like the present right now, and watching myself grow every day has kinda been really cool. My album Reminisce is a break up album, and has a lot to do with dwelling and wallowing in sadness and disbelief about the past. Which sounds depressing, but I still am very proud of it! It’s an explosion of expression for sure. I’m pretty over being sad about the past now, but it sure did make a good album.

11. What does a Chloe Moser show look like?

It’s pretty tame, it’s usually just me and my electric guitar. I’ll play some originals, some covers. I’ve been taking a break from playing recently because honestly, doing it alone is pretty stressful, and I hate making set lists. I’ll start back up again sometime in the future!

12. How has social media helped you grow as an artist? Do you have a favorite meme? trend?

Social media has helped me a lot. Tiktok is definitely the way to go for newer artists and has made it a lot easier to develop an audience! I don’t think it’s “cool” anymore to say that I love social media, but I really do. I’ve met some amazing people, and my music wouldn’t reach the people I’ve wanted it to without it. My favorite memes are probably perfectly cut videos. Or fart jokes. 

13. What can you tell me about tell me? What can fans expect from this release?

You did your research Mustard!! Thank you for these great questions, I kind of struggled with this because I don’t think about myself as an artist so much like I should. Tell Me is one of my favorite songs I’ve written, and all I want to say is that it’s something you can scream at the top of your lungs to.

14. What is next for Chloe Moser?

Hopefully dinner because I’m hungry!!!!! And maybe also a record deal from someone really cool because this is hard to do all by myself.

15. Where can readers listen to your music?

I am on all streaming services! Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, anything your glittery brain can imagine.


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