Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with Italy’s Laura Welle. Together we discussed their experience with music, social media, their influences, their collaborations with Paul Sawyer, their recent release “Dazzling Dawn”, and so much more!

1. Mustard is grateful to have you join them today. How are you doing?

Hey Mustard, I’m so happy too! This is my first non-Italian interview, so I’m really excited!

2. Mustard wonders what your first experience with music was.

Well, I’ve been singing since I was a little girl, and thanks to my parents, I’ve been listening to international artists from early on, in whom I immediately found myself.

3. What song or album do you remember having an impact on you?

I would absolutely say ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson! We don’t even need to say why.

4. When did you first begin making music? Do you remember the first song you wrote?

I started writing my first songs at the age of 17, but I remember that I could never give them a title, since my writing method is based on the so-called ‘stream of consciousness’. Then, I gradually refined my style.

5. If a human were to visit Italy, where do you recommend? Where would you recommend they treat themselves to a meal?

I would recommend Florence and Tuscany in general! This region is the cradle of literature and art! As for food, wherever you go, you eat well!

6. How have social media platforms such as TikTok helped you as an artist? What advice would you give to musicians new to social media?

TikTok is having a very positive impact on my artistic growth, which has allowed me to find new collaborators with whom I am still in contact. The platform makes it extremely easy to find new artists and people working in the music industry. To a musician new to social, I would tell them to create every social profile they can right away, because potential new fans are just eager to find you!

7. For those who have not listened to Laura Welle, how would you describe your sound?

My sound is pop, with many influences! The Weeknd, Post Malone, Sia, Jessie Reyez , Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift are just some of the artists that inspire my music, and if you like them, then you will like my songs.

8. August 2020 saw the release of your first single “Sing My Song” produced by Andrew Feanor. What was the inspiration behind this single? How did it feel to have this single out in the world?

‘Sing My Song’ was written by me at the height of the pandemic, precisely in April. It is nothing but a confession about how I was feeling at that time. I imagined myself on a stage singing this song, which is where I wanted to be at that moment. In the chorus, I invite everyone to sing my song, to spread an anthem of return to live music as soon as possible.

When this song came out I felt over the moon and at the same time very vulnerable, as I was showing myself to the world. Writing songs is like having a secret diary that everyone will then read.

9. TikToker Connor Shugart used your song “I Need” on April 9th. What was it like seeing your song used by such a prolific content creator?

I couldn’t believe it! That was the exact moment I realized the true potential of TikTok.

10. Could you share more about your collaboration with Paul Sawyer?

Paul Sawyer and I collaborated on the release of 2 EPs, the first titled ‘The Wave,’ released on October 1, 2021, and the second titled ‘Burning,’ released on June 10 via Krafted, a British label. Both ‘The Wave’ and ‘Burning’ got a lot of support from BBC Radio 1, reaching good positions on the iTunes charts and first on Beatport (‘Burning’). The genre is Progressive House and Melodic Techno, a kind of music I had fun experimenting with. I wrote and sang the songs for both projects and it was exciting to see how my creativity was received by the audience.

11. On Workaholic you wished you never started psychology. Was your own experience the inspiration behind your single “Workaholic?”

‘Workaholic’ is a track I wrote more than two years ago and it always remained unfinished until, through TikTok I met Alexandre Wettstein, a talented French musician. The song is about how the fast-paced society we find ourselves in leads us to be workaholics, an epithet that describes the way I work.

12. Mustard checked out your playlist on Spotify “Mental Health Awareness.” What do those songs mean to you? How do they help you mentally?

I’m glad you listened to my playlist, I really appreciate it! The songs I included, along with my track ‘Workaholic’ are the ones that I think are the most beautiful and have best described what can afflict our mental health. These songs help me a lot, especially in the most difficult times.

13. Your latest release is “Dazzling Dawn” and features two other versions of the single. Could you share more about this EP?

‘Dazzling Dawn’ is a new EP produced in collaboration with Paul Sawyer’s British label Krafted. The other two releases are remixes by other British artists who wanted to take part in the project.

14. What is next for Laura Welle?

I am writing a lot and recording a lot and planning new releases that will come out later this year! I can’t wait to let you hear what I’m working on!

15. Where can readers listen to your music?

My readers can listen to my music on Spotify and on every other platform! I’m waiting for you!


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