Building Blocks EPBrianna Carmel

Brianna Carmel, of Blooming Heads, has released an incredibly personal and vulnerable EP with Building Blocks. Mustard believes building blocks is apropos as an album name as each track builds up and escalates into situations that should make a human feel uncomfortable.This is apparent on “19×23” where Carmel shares a story about a much older human preying on them when they were younger. Carmel calls out this individual as they wonder what that human would have done to them if they got their wish.

Building Blocks opens with “Alone Again” which is deeply personal, honest, and authentic. Mustard has listened to this song multiple times over trying to determine how to articulate their thoughts on it. There are lines in this song such as;”let me set the scene this was a sheltered teen”, “they’d rather have no lines than be a burden”, “what’s the line between grown and healthy”, and “they just want to play their music without fearing the streets but they shut the fuck up like they are told to do.” Each of these lyrics, in some capacity, Mustard can relate too. With that said though, much like building blocks, you learn to grow from those experiences and thoughts. Mustard appreciates Brianna sharing something so personal for everyone to listen too.

The final track “Take Me Back” to previous experiences they have been apart of. Again, another vulnerable and personal song which closes with a powerful statement: I am at risk.

At risk of what though? Mustard wonders.

Mustard is excited to see what the future holds for Brianna Carmel.

Love Me or Lose Me EP – Jem

London’s Jem “Love Me or Lose Me” is a fusion of jazz, pop, and soul in this entrancing concept album about forbidden love. In the same vein of William Shakespeare (famous human playwright) Jem builds a world and takes listeners through a complete journey similar to Romeo & Juliet. Much like a good show or novel, this EP flows effortlessly. Humans love to binge their favorite television shows and you will wish that this EP was longer than 13 minutes.

To its benefits though, unlike some human television shows, there is a complete arc to the story of complicated relationships and love that Jem tells. There are no plot holes to be found. This EP is an absolute delight. Jem is an artist who you will hear more on your radio waves. Mustard knows that.

Mustard recommends you treat your human ears to this EP.

Sunshine and Lollipops 2020 – Sad Snack

Earlier this year Sad Snack garnered the attention of the Ska community and The Mountain Goats on Twitter. Why? For their rad cover of The Mountain Goat’s “No Children.” Since then Sad Snack has signed with Ska Punk International and Lavasock Records. Collectively they are releasing Sad Snack’s first original single “Sunshine and Lollipops 2020.”

“Sunshine and Lollipops 2020” is a song that calls out performance activism (“you voted blue so you can say you did your part”, “your corporate interest are beginning to show”) and contains clever commentary on human society at the moment. Sad Snack’s debut original single has the essentials for not only a great song but also a great ska song. This track will inspire you to skank but also make you question those around you. Is that what they are doing for show or is it genuinely honest?

Mustard looks forward to their second single “Kenny G Hotline” coming out later this month.

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