This interview took place prior to the release of their newest single “Long Distance Christmas.” “Long Distance Christmas” is available on all streaming platforms.

Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with Zach Hood. Hood, who has garnered massive success on Spotify and social media platforms such as TikTok. Togerther we discussed heir influences, signing with Sony Artista Records, and so much more.

1. Mustard is thankful to have you join them. How are you doing?


2. You are a kid from Alabama. Could you share with us something about Alabama readers may not know? Where do you recommend readers check out when visiting the state?

I didn’t really know this, but a lot of people don’t know that Alabama has beautiful beaches. I’d definitely recommend going to Gulf Shores, Alabama.

3. What music did you grow up listening to? Do you still listen to this music now?

I listened to a lot of Bruno Mars and Shawn Mendes. Bruno’s album “Doowops and Hooligans” and Shawn’s album “Handwritten”. And yes, I do still listen to them a lot! Masterpieces.

4. What song or album had an impact on you?

“Doowops and Hooligans” was the first ever album that i hooked onto and learned every song. I was in the fourth grade when my mom got the CD for it. We would ONLY play that CD every time I was in her old sunfire pontiac car. That’s when I first realized I could “sing”. Of Course, it didn’t sound good because I was young, but it was decent lol.

5. You began posting song covers on Instagram when you were in middle school. Do you have a favorite cover from that time?

My favorite cover at that time was “Amnesia” by 5SOS

6. How have social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok helped you as an artist?

 TREMENDOUSLY. I wouldn’t be where I am right now if it weren’t for those platforms. They helped me a ton. Not even “helped”. They literally made me. Very thankful for these platforms and what they’ve caused to happen in my life.

7. Who (or what) influences you?

I’m a big family guy so I’d definitely say my family. All of them still live in Alabama so the distance is really hard on me, but they always remind me of why I’m doing it and how proud they are of me. Everything I do is for them.

8. What is your songwriting process?

Recently I’ve been getting better at freestyling. These songs come at random times and it’s super exciting when something comes out of my mouth that I genuinely like. Then I take it to one of my producers and get it going!

9. Could you share with us what it was like to step into a recording studio for the first time in 2020?

 I was very scared and I lacked a lot of confidence. It was very exciting though, because I’ve had all of these ideas but could never bring them to life. Now i actually had the tools and opportunity to make it happen. It was amazing.

10. In 2021 you released your vulnerable and honest single “Flashbacks.” Could you share more about this single?

Flashbacks is my favorite song I’ve released. It means everything to me. My parents divorce was very hard on me and still is. It’s the most vulnerable song I’ve put my hands on. I was very scared to release it because of how vulnerable it actually is. But I ended up realizing how many people this could help so I did it! It was actually made in my SECOND writing session. It was written in under 20 minutes. The best songs that come out are written so fast it feels like. I love this song.

11. Mustard wonders if you are still wasting time with Isabelle?

Negative ghost rider. My girlfriend wouldn’t be too happy about that hahaha.

12. Your album art for all your singles feels like a comic book. Is this intentional? Will your individual singles be a part of an album or EP in the future?

 It is intentional, yes! I’ve always loved the way comics look and the vibe they give off. So, I implemented it into the covers! Yes! some singles will be on the EP!

13. Sony Artista Records offers you a record deal and you landed representation with William Morris Endeavor. What was your reaction?

I was SHOCKED. Like I said, I’ve always loved Shawn Mendes and the things he creates. David Massey signed him back in the day, and now he has also signed me. I felt like it was a match made in heaven. WME is AMAZING at what they do. I was so shocked when we met with them for the first time. I love everything they touch. It’s amazing.

14. How does it feel to have over 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify?

 It’s surreal, honestly. I don’t think I really realize how many people there are, but it’s awesome!!! I can’t believe that many people enjoy my music haha.

15. You have a new song coming out this Friday “Long Distance Christmas.” What was the inspiration behind this song? How does this song differ from the typical Christmas song?

 Yes! The inspiration behind this track was my relationship with my girlfriend. We live 2000 miles away from each other and it’s always hard being away from each other, especially on holidays.  I wanted to make a song for the people that are going through the same thing as us. I feel like it could be a very connecting song for people. It’s different from other Christmas songs because for 1, it’s a sad Christmas song, and I’ve never really heard a song about a long-distance relationship revolving around Christmas.

16. Do you have a favorite Christmas movie?

Home Alone and ELF are definitely runner up. You can never go wrong with a cup of hot cocoa and these movies.

17. The following Friday you will be releasing your EP “Blossom.” What can fans expect from this EP?

You can expect an emotional rollercoaster. Me being a 21-year-old from Alabama and moving away from everything I’ve ever known. I am very emotional. Happy, sad, excited, lonely. All of the above. You are genuinely entering my mind while listening to this EP. 

18. Where can readers listen to your music?

. You can find me on all platforms under the name of Zach Hood! Thank You so much!


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