Alexa Cappelli, who Mustard has had the pleasure of speaking with, has released an unforgettable and relatable single in “Lose Lose.”

Leading up to the single Cappelli “leaked” snippets of the song to her dedicated fan base through social media platforms garnering over 125K views. While the situation in the story is a lose-lose, this is definitely a win for the rising pop singer-songwriter.

Humans often become friends with other humans when they discover they have similar interests. As time goes on, and you learn more about the human, you discover that they may not bring you the positivity and support you need in your life. Mustard has cut ketchup out of their life for this reason.

Cappelli notes “you think I’m a liar / but you’re not innocent.” Rather than accepting accountability, some humans such as the toxic friend in this song refuses to accept they may be wrong.

There is a noted edge on “Lose Lose” that may remind listeners of reputation-era Swift and Avril Lavigne. Instead of holding it in, Cappelli removes the toxicity from her life and is better for it.

Humans may think holding onto a friendship like this is beneficial but it is not. After moving on from a toxic friendship such as the one Cappelli describes you will note a change in your physical and mental health.

While the situation is a lose-lose, this song is a win-win for both Cappelli and listeners.

You can catch Alexa Cappelli opening for ANDI at The Moroccan Lounge November 15th! Get tickets here!


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