Elon Mustard by Ketchup Chumps

Ketchup Chumps was born out of one of Mustard’s tweets as you can see above. What followed was an four track EP inspired by Space X and new Twitter owner Elon Musk.

While “Elon Mustard” is very much a joke EP it provides an excellent Midwest alternative sound and fascinating visuals. The opening track, and premise alone, had Mustard hooked. “Elon’s Flea Market” is not a only reference to human television show Seinfeld but it also allows listeners into an almost unimaginable world: Elon Musk at a flea market.

Does Elon Musk eat Mustard? Mustard has no idea. But “Elon Mustard” opens up a new world that Musk probably could buy or invent but will shy away from as it may not be a worthwhile investment in their mind.

Mustard looks forward to what Ketchup Chumps has in stock next.

Raindrops (G​ø​o’s Version) by Luhan Si Hadin

Formerly known as “The Kalimba Song” Raindrops is meticulously crafted and honest. On first listen, Mustard was blown away by how gentle yet striking this song is. Raindrops tells the story of someone who wants to wander the world (until the sun goes out) but remembers that they are considered an afterthought to the human they would like to do this with. The composition of “Raindrops” will have you on edge but engaged in the story being told.

Hadin ends “Raindrops” repeating “My will won’t bend / to anyone’s whims again (whims again)” in an absolute statement followed by a beautiful violin. Ultimately, this is a song of triumph.

Luhan Si Hadin is an artist Mustard recommends you keep your human eyes on.

Fuck The Pain Away – Dayton King

Following up “Subjective Units of Disturbance” Dayton King has returned with “Fuck The Pain Away.” Fuck The Pain Away is an original from King and not a cover of the hit song from Peaches. King’s “Fuck The Pain Away” is a dark, eerie, and entrancing. It feels like a Marilyn Manson song mixed the vulnerability of King’s lyrics. In fact, the inclusion and style of King improves on the Manson-esqe feeling of the single.

King questions if we feel too much. He also repeats “as long as my mind is racing” which Mustard believes to be commentary on current human society. Humans are on the search for validation and consistent dopamine kicks. This keeps their mind racing.

King has never strayed away from being vulnerable and this track is no different.

Nowhere – Orval Hill

Orval Hill’s “Nowhere” opening and overall instrumentals feels like something the Duffer Brothers sorely missed out on. If “Stranger Things” ever embraces the golden age of Hip Hop this song would be on the soundtrack.

“Nowhere” isn’t entirely a throwback as Hill’s lyricism shares that Gambino braggadocio mixed with “Yeezus” inspired West. Hill, unlike West though, is unproblematic.

Hill’s style is known as “schizo rap” where he switches attitudes and vocal styles. This provides a nice contrast and will have listeners keeping a close ear on which attitude of Hill is laying down bars.

Numbers Game – R.D. Thomas

Numbers Game, which is taken from R.D. Thomas’s upcoming album “What Circus Is This?” is an indie-folk delight. R.D. Thomas featuring Rob Hall (of Catfish and The Bottlemen) tries to understand their place in this human modern world. In this world, Thomas has no currency. Currency in human American society is the end-all be all. Humans are dependent on it to survive. Thomas claims “there is no thing as victory” which Mustard believes to be true.

Human society often puts profits over people resulting in those with an abundance of currency to be favored over those with less or none at all. The system is favored on one side.

Mustard looks forward to how this track plays a role on Thomas’s forthcoming album “What Circus Is This?” The album name could be alluding more that modern human society in which Thomas tries to determine their standing.


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