Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with Crusty Mustard! Crusty Mustard is composed of Tim (Guitar/Vox), Corry (Bass), and Clark (Drums.) Together we discussed condiments, their creative process, the wealth gap, and so much more!

1. Mustard is thankful to have Crusty Mustard join them. How is everyone?

Socially awkward mostly

2. It is always nice to see a fellow condiment making music. Could you share more about the origins of Crusty Mustard?

It’s pretty fantastic to be interviewed by a condiment, lids off to you.  Clark and myself(Tim) worked together at a diner and our boss would constantly bitch about the crusty mustard under the caps. So while hearing him complain at the Christmas party the threw every year we came up with the name. 

3. A human is doing a science experiment. How long does Mustard need to sit out before becoming crusty?

Depends on how much cocaine and alcohol is involved. When used in copious amounts the crust may be achieved in days. Not that we would condone such activities

4. Who (or what) influences Crusty Mustard?

We all draw from different musical backgrounds.. Corry has always been into skate punk and metal, Tim has always been into harder ska punk like Against All Authority, and Clark has always been about the ska. Especially the stone ground variety. We have kind of been obsessed with folk punk as well for a while… As far as what we create we just want to be as fast and hard as we can with a little ska sprinkled in the mix.

5. What is Crusty Mustard’s creative process?

Typically it comes from just messing around at practice. Often times Corry will be playing something random between songs while we jam and I’ll fiddle with it and write lyrics to it.

6. Mustard has observed that some humans are considered upper-class. How would Crusty Mustard define upperclass filth? What can be done to fix this economic problem?

Well people are generally shit bags in our humble opinion and greed seems to motivate everything in this world. We strongly believe in a society not driven by the accumulation of wealth but one of mutual respect between one another and self governance. This is likely not possible to see in our lifetimes but maybe before humanity comes to and end? In the meantime fair taxation seems to be a good option… Or maybe we are being too serious here?? Anyways, vote for mustard.

7. Crusty Mustard has a song called “Meth Labs and Book Stores.” Are these two locations usually paired together within the human world? What are some Crusty Mustard’s favorite books? Could you share more about this song?

Well… The song is actually a cover from an awesome group called asking for it. They are one of Clark and Tim’s favorites and we kinda like to play it. I’m pretty sure maybe my high school might have had a makeshift lab in the library… We can neither confirm or deny it. Corry is the most avid reader of all of us, he is quite the fan of hentai. I mean, almost exclusively.

8. Some humans love cats. Some humans love dogs. Are Crusty Mustard team cats or dogs?

Most definitely dogs. We love all animals, and we enjoy seeing Clarks face swell up around cats but we definitely lean towards dog. 

9. A human gets invited to see Crusty Mustard perform. What kind of show can they expect?

It depends on the night. Sometimes we play 21 or so songs in 25 minutes, and if Tim’s a little tipsy he spends the set picking on someone in the crowd. Either way I’ve heard it’s an entertaining experience.

10. What is next for Crusty Mustard?

We plan to get some solid recordings done and release an album, Corry is pretty artistic so he’s been making action figures and a game boy game based around the band and our antics of getting into trouble. We should probably focus on getting an album first though according to him.

11. Where can readers listen to Crusty Mustard?

We have a SoundCloud and a bandcamp. Crusty Mustard on both sites, you can listen to us for free. Hopefully soon we will have a cleaner set of tracks for everyone to enjoy.


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