Lucifer’s Beard – The Guy with a Black Eye 

Review by Mister Substitute

Hailing from the UK, Lucifer’s Beard is a power-rock group that brings it and brings it hard. “The Guy with a Black Eye” is catchy on the surface, fueled by a rhythm section that doesn’t quit and keeps your foot tapping. Listening to it a second time, the lyrics are very deep and honest as the singer shouts “I wanna live like the guy with a black eye!” and lists the qualities that–well–are deserving of envy. The lead guitar part is also done very well as the hook at the end of the song now lives rent-free in my head. Great track from Lucifer’s Beard, well-worth a listen if you’re into rock of any form.

Melt Citizen – The Ghost of Kiki Dee

Review by Mister Substitute

Not much is known about Melt Citizen: their Spotify bio reads “…it was the most I ever threw up and it changed my life forever.” To me, that sounds both punk-rock and also somewhat enlightening. They just released an album entitled “Joylessness,” that has the track “The Ghost of Kiki Dee.” “The Ghost of Kiki Dee” really brings that grungy, garage-punk sound with these pining lyrics for that special someone we would feel lost without. “The Ghost of Kiki Dee” does a wonderful job at holding itself up as a great track but then simultaneously ties in perfectly with the whole album.

Dr. Mary’s Monkey – She 

From their album Velvet Dream “She” tells the story of an incredibly captivating human who has lived a life worth writing multiple novels about. “She” has a modern yet classic feel to it that will make you question what era you’re currently in. This though works as a benefit to Dr. Mary’s Monkey as this song leads up to the title track Velvet Dream. Collectively, and from a narrative standpoint, Mustard recommends you check out the whole album as it will please your human ears.

Attic Days – After You 

Edinburgh’s indie rock outlet Attic Days debut single “After You” is one of those type of songs you want to have on repeat. After multiple listens, you will not grow tired of it. In fact, you will eagerly await the follow up to Attic Day’s debut single. Mustard looks forward to what comes next from Attic Days!

Qwiet Type – Too Good To End

Qwiet Type is the brainchild of Florida based songwriter Matt Powell. Their latest single “Too Good To End” is exactly that. It is a hyperactive indie-pop song that is sugar for ears. Mustard has spoken with the FDA and they have told them that too much sugar is bad for human bodies. Thankfully, this high-energy song won’t cause your body to react negatively. If you are feeling sad or down Mustard recommends you put this song on as it will cure any sadness you may be feeling. 

Unfortunately, the only critique that Mustard has is that the song does eventually end. If there was a song to create a 10 hour version of on YouTube, Mustard believes it should be this one. 

Part Paladin – Ascendence 

Instrumentalist from Sydney, Part Paladin, has crafted a melodic metal song that will have humans thrashing and smashing the objects in their path. Ascendance is a battle-royale of internal conflict featuring two personas: one that lives in the night and the other during the day. Mustard believes that humans can relate to this as mental health is common amongst these mammals. 

Back when Mustard was a younger condiment they would throw on tracks such as this that featured progressive-metal riffs and vocals that they would attempt to mimic. 

Mustard looks forward to what next is in store for Part Paladin.

Goodnight, Sunrise – Single All The Way 

Goodnight, Sunrise has provided humans with a modern and alternative twist to the Holiday music genre. They won’t be “buying presents” or “making small talk with strangers for hours” as they will be single all the way. This of course is a play on “Jingle all the way.” This song is a statement and anthem for those who will be independent during the Holiday season which will allow them to watch “Love, Actually” multiple times. 

Goodnight, Sunrise are single and not ready to mingle. Which is perfectly okay as they gave us this great tune that will not only works for the holidays but all year round.


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