Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with artist and musician MICK DEV. Together we discussed their drawings, their creative process, their latest single “It’ll All Work Out”, and so much more!

1. Mustard is grateful to have you join them. How are you doing today MICK DEV?

I’m doing great, I have my one year old son sitting next to me and I have a bunch of projects I’ve been working on.

2. What art (or artist) inspired you to begin drawing? Who (or what) influences you the most?

I have been drawing and involved in the arts my entire life. Growing up in Madrid, Spain, and living near New York City as a teenager, I was exposed to a lot of art and cultures, and I love them all.

The biggest influence on my music videos would be traditional hand-drawn animation. I always loved the movie Yellow Submarine, and there are some really cool rotoscope-animation and mixed media parts of that movie that really inspired me.

3. Mustard wonders what is your creative process?

I always aim to make a song that captures a bit of my life but also is something that others can connect to. I try to capture the struggles and good times. I try to capture a bit of my human experience through my music and videos, and it seems others can relate.

4. What is your preferred canvas?

I love all types of mediums. For my music videos I have drawn over footage, and I have done two frame by frame animated videos. I am so proud of all the work that went into ‘It’ll all work out’. You can find my full-length music videos on my YouTube channel under my name.

5. Your most recent release is “It’ll all work out” Could you share with us more about this single?

I am extremely proud of how the video turned out and how it reflects the song visually. I released it on Thanksgiving because it is a celebration of some of the things people go through in life and that I have experienced.

6. What’s next for MICK DEV? Where can readers listen to your music?

I am currently working on recording more songs and releasing a bunch more drawn music videos, so look out for those ha ha! 

At the moment you can see a more updated catalog of my music through soundcloud, but I would recommend going straight to the music videos.


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