Edward Rendon – Monster

Truth be told, Mustard finds the concept of monsters fascinating. As a condiment never do you see monsters bum-rushing a grocery store during their terror. Following “Time” Rendon has returned with a suspenseful and fast-paced track that will rock your crew-cut socks off. The monster in this song is chasing after us and hopes to eat human brains. Despite the traps set in place, you cannot escape the monster. Mustard wonders if the monster is a metaphor for mental health, depression, and other things that sometimes plague the human mind. Towards the end of the track there are some slick guitar riffs that set those crew-cut socks that were rocked off and set them on fire. Set on fire how you ask? With the power of rock!

It also would not be an Edward Rendon track with beautiful cover-art to accompany it. His artwork is done by the incredible Carina Guevara and helps add to the listening experience.

Sammer Jammer – Keep Your Ears Out!

The debut EP from UCONN’s Sammer Jammer is streets ahead. While that term is already coined and minted, Mustard believes it accurately describes “Keep Your Ears Out!” On the first track “Pilot” Jammer admits that they are their biggest critic. Honesty, introspection, and vulnerability are themes throughout the album. On “Matt Damon” Jammer hopes his friends will tell him if his music is not good because if they do not he will not grow. Seeking criticism and feedback is crucial for growth and Mustard appreciates Jammer openly inviting it. Jammer could push away his friends/peers through arrogant rhymes but does not.

Throughout “Keep Your Ears Out!” you can hear the Childish Gambino and Tyler, The Creator influences in both the lyrics and production. On “GO PRO” Jammer admits that he was unaware that Donald Glover and Childish Gambino were one in the same. Mustard can relate. They remember listening to “Freaks and Geeks” and not putting it together until they began watching Community. Similarly to Glover/Gambino, Jammer’s determination and drive is front and center like a Luis Guzman statue in a community college courtyard.

Much like dalmations for Dean Pelton, “Keep Your Ears Out!” from Sammer Jammer may awaken something in you. Their determination is inspiring. Rather than hold back, and hold their feelings in, Jammer bears down on “Keep Your Ears Out!” resulting in an EP that could unite Pillowtown and Blanketsburg.

Cafey – Simon

Germany’s Cafey has composed a lo-fi hip hop instrumental that is equal parts jazz, soul, and funk. It is a song that will make humans wish they had homework to do as this track is essential for studying. Mustard knows not all humans enjoy homework but listening to “Simon” will put them in a relaxed state. The violin throughout “Simon” elevates the song and should your experience. Mustard hopes there will be a 10 hour version of this song on YouTube in the future.

Jahuke – Roots (featuring rosso, B.e.)

Following the release of “Good Vibez” the duo of Jahuke and rosso are back with Roots. Joining them on this track is B.e. Jahuke crafts beats that make you shake your bottle plug but also put you in a tranquil state. Rosso and B.e. compliment Jahuke with smooth rhymes. Jahuke and rosso met while hiking in Japan and Mustard is grateful for that as they compliment each other so well.

Filip – It’s Christmas Time

If there was ever a song that should be accompanied by a hot chocolate it is Filip’s “It’s Christmas Time.” Mustard does not have the ability to feel relaxed like humans do. But darn-it, this song certainly has Mustard trying to do. “It’s Christmas Time” is soulful acoustic track that is perfect for the holiday season. Mustard wishes they were a human so they can experience this song next to a fireplace with their loved ones. Whether you are making a snow angel, kissing a human underneath the mistletoe, or eating peppermint bark “It’s Christmas Time” will make you wish the Holiday season never ends.


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