Photos by Art Svanberg

Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with Jonatan Renström of Cloudpocket. Together we discussed the formation of Cloudpocket, what they see within the clouds, their creative process, and their upcoming album “I’m Ashamed of What I’ Use To Brag About.”

1. Mustard is grateful to have Cloudpocket join them at Music Shelf. How is everyone? 

We’re awesome. So excited for our release and the gig next week.

2. Mustard wonders how Cloudpocket formed. 

Cloudpocket was formed back in 2020 during, you know what, and we quickly found our groove and it became an entire album which we started releasing with singles a year ago in December 2021. 

3. Cloudpocket is such a comforting band name. Could you share how this name was determined? 

Thank you. That’s great to hear. Comfort is actually what we’re going for. Well, the lyrics are about a lot of dark topics but we always want that positivity and hope present in the core of every song so a pocket of blue sky among grey clouds seems very fitting and I would say came to us quite naturally.

4. Sometimes humans see shapes and animals within the clouds. What does everyone see when they look at the clouds? 

Wow. You made me realise I haven’t watched clouds in a long time. I definitely wanna take that up again. I’ll let you know what I see…

5. What is Cloudpocket’s creative process? 

It’s different and I think that’s a great strength. We don’t rely on one person’s creativity and therefore are never in a lack of inspiration. Sometimes we take a written song and put it together within the band but sometimes we jam and sometimes we create something out of a bass line or just a chorus or something.

6. Who (or what) influences Cloudpocket? 

Also a lot of different things. I would say a combo of 70’s disco and funk with 90’s and 00’s discopop revival. 

7. Your single “Default” is about reprogramming and updating yourself. Why is it important that humans update themselves? What are some ways humans can reprogram themselves? 

If you wanna be a better person you kinda have to. We have a lot of things built in our systems from childhood and just life I guess so it’s hard work but possible. One thing I try to practice is converting bad energy into good one. For example if someone is stressed out or angry you can give back the opposite. an angry person without a trigger becomes a reflective one. And reflection is the seed of change. My favourite is giving someone who doesn’t expect it validation, like not giving positive feedback when people accomplish something but instead when they are being themselves in a positive way. When showing kindness, patience or politeness for example. 

7. During the lockdown you began working on your debut album ” I’m Ashamed of What I Used to Brag About” which comes out next Friday. What can fans expect from your debut album? 

A mixture of drunkenness and awareness. It’s a hazy cloud of mixed feelings and reflection. I picture a dance floor becoming an empty street becoming a prison into a bedroom when I hear it. It’s all about conversion in the end. We just wanna make people dance. Dancing troubles away or celebrating change.

9. A human gets invited to see Cloudpocket perform. What kind of show can they expect? 

Hopefully whatever they expect they find something else. We try to give the audience something unexpected and are not afraid of sprinkle in something else in our repertoire. I would say though, they can expect to groove. I have a hard time seeing someone not moving any body part at all during a Cloudpocket gig.

10. What would you like readers to know about your upcoming album ” I’m Ashamed of What I Used to Brag About?”

It’s all true.

11. Where can readers listen to your music? 

Where they listen to music. But the best experience I heard is live so if you’re near give Cloudpocket a go. Next time in Stockholm December 9th at Gården Club at Restaurang Folkparken. See ya’


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