This interview took place prior to the release of their single “bottom of the sea” which you can enjoy here.

Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with JOBIE. Together we discussed their sixth sense, their songwriting process, their newest single, and so much more!

1. Mustard is thankful to have you join them at Music Shelf. How are you doing today?

I’m doing great!

2. Humans sometimes have a sixth sense. You can smell when someone has tonsil stones. How did you develop this skill? Are you an affiliate or partner with your local healthcare facility?

I don’t know why I can do this, but I can smell tonsil stones on people’s breath. More people have them then you would think. They smell bad,

3. What was your relationship with music growing up? Who were some of your favorites?

My parents both played gigs a lot, so I was interested in performing from a young age. I would say one of my favorite artists from childhood is Tom Petty.

4. What is your songwriting process?

I usually get angry or emotional about something that happened to me and then I write a song in reaction to it. These days, I’m trying to be more diligent in my creative practice because I’m not so angry anymore.

5. Who (or what) influences you?

This is sucha hard question, I get it a lot so you would think I’d be better at answering it. Recently, I’ve been inspired by alternative music from 2012-2014: Grizzy Bear, Two Door Cinema Club, Passion Pit, etc. However, I think the two artists that inspired me to start pursuing music were Phoebe Bridgers and Taylor Swift – their style of writing has been something I’ve admired from the beginning, but as I progress in my career I’m trying to move away from it. There are other artists and songs that influenced me but there’s no way I can name them all.

6. In early 2021 you released your first single “Half Way” which explores the complications that come with a human relationship. What was the inspiration behind this single? Is this human still at the half way point?

I remember writing most of this song in the stairwell of the little building dorms at Emerson. I don’t even know what I was thinking of when I started writing it, but it turned out being a kind of letter to three people I had relationships with. Ultimately, though, the song is mostly about me having an anxious attachment style and how that has set me up to be hurt by people in the past, people who are “half-way there.” I ended up putting my hand under my foot of the people who didn’t care about me enough, but I always wanted it to work out so bad. I’m not involved with any of those individuals anymore.

7. “I am a simple man. You’ll never understand.” Could you elaborate more on this lyric?

Simple “men” want love, that’s basic human desire. When I sang “I am a simple man” I am literally referring to myself. I thought of staying in my hometown for someone because I loved them, but, I ended up going to college out of state; even though my inclination was to stay back. The song “simple man: is from the perspective of me in a different universe – a version of me that stayed behind.

8. You’re studying theater. What do you hope you learn from theatre that will help with your music? Do you have a favorite improv exercise? 

I love doing Shakespeare, and the iambic pentameter has helped me understand the usage of meter in writing songs. I’ve been writing sonnets lately as well. My relationship with theatre is complicated. I’m definitely not as dedicated to it now as I once was, but I do believe I will do it a little bit throughout my life.

9. Yes and

Yes and! I’m terrible at improv…

10. Last week you released your newest single “Bottom of the Sea.” Could you share more about your newest single? How will the music video help tell the story being told?

I love the ocean, I have always felt a deep connection to it. I am a deep thinker and a deep feeler, which can cause me to get very emotional about things that happen in my life, and I can break down for weeks at a time. I feel like there’s a deep hole in my stomach that I’m trying to fill. Also, it’s a breakup song.

11. You have a show coming up on December 5th. For those who have never seen JOBIE perform before, what kind of show do you put on? 

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of shows where I play alone with just me and my acoustic guitar, but on December 5th I’m playing with a full band for the first time in awhile! I have been told many times that I’m better live.

12. What is next for JOBIE?

I’m releasing another single on December 16th and there will also be a music video to follow it! And on January 6th I’m releasing my album “bottom of the sea” and my other single will be included on.

13. Where can readers listen to your music?

JOBIE on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and anywhere you stream! I also post singing videos on Instagram and TikTok.

Instagram: @Jobie1111
TikTok: @bucketsugar69


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