Review by: Mister Substitute

Picture this: you’re in Philadelphia, just picked up your cheesesteak, walking down the road and this bright yellow van pulls up alongside you. Out pop out four tattoo-wearing dudes all dressed in black and ask if you want to listen to some new music that is equal parts punk, post-hardcore and indie. You whisper to yourself “Goddamnit.”


GODDAMNIT is a rock band forged from the streets of Philly, their latest album, “All This Time is Yours Now” comes out December 9th on vinyl via Sell The Heart Records and Creep Records. GODDAMNIT brings a sound like a freight train: powerful, a consistently driven chug, fueled by a confident and raspy-voiced singer. Having been a band since 2011, you can tell that GODDAMNIT has perfected their sound and present this very tight machine of an album in “All This Time is Yours Now.”

The album starts with a slower track that gets the engines going. “Totally Undone” conveys this feeling of nostalgia, driven by a heavy guitar-bass synchronization, the lyrics are what really invoke this emotion of wanting to see someone before becoming totally undone. Again, like a freight train, this album picks up in speed and intensity before maintaining this equally forceful and soulful. Another track that I enjoyed was “Undeserving” which felt like the pinnacle of the album, the train on full-go, rocking back and forth on the tracks and the conductor white-knuckled and wide-eyed. Their bio says that they mesh the sounds of bands like Jawbreaker and The Promise Ring, ultimately bringing this post-hardcore and punk sound with great, almost Indie lyrics. Throughout the album you see them play with these three aspects of their overall sound and each song highlights each very well, some all at the same time.

“All This Time is Yours Now” is available for digital purchase on Bandcamp but, as previously stated, the new 12” LP is being released and is available for pre-order too. And, if you know me and my new love for vinyl, I can tell you these records are very pretty, one is Sea Glass Blue and the other is Orange. Check out GODDAMNIT on Instagram as well as Facebook to keep up with their latest shows and news!


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