Reviews by Gimpleg and JustSomeMustard.

Kerry Charles – The One I Know

This single from Kerry Charles begins with dreamy and wistful chords and is echoed with Kerry’s voice and lyrics. A soft fog rolls through the song of loneliness, loss, and longing for something that is never within their reach. Soulful and pretty, but mostly evasive. The saxophone definitely hits just the right notes to carry the mood.

One Final Boss – Therapy is Lit

This single from One Final Boss, of their EP “If Therapy Is Good Enough for Tony Soprano, It’s Good Enough For Me” had Mustard hooked on the concept alone. It is a human having a conversation with their therapist set behind musical instrumentation. “Therapy is Lit” is humorous, honest, and will have you wondering how the rest of the session went. Mustard recommends you check out the full EP as it is a breath of fresh air and is delightful.

GLOSSER  – The Artist

This really beautiful song is one of the singles off of Glosser’s upcoming EP releasing in January and it is beautiful. Lyrically and vocally complex over a rhythm that drives persistently in the background through most of the song as the arrangement picks up and carries the song towards the second half. The song is a melancholy struggle with mental health and feelings of lack of control. The Artist bares her teeth to fight but is beaten back and subsumed by forces beyond her control. It’s hard not to relate to the feelings The Artist conveys throughout as the rhythm picks up again near the end and carries ever forward. 

Blue Canopy – Bright Spot

The Bright Spot is what Blue Canopy is looking for in this song of remorse and loss. The beginning of the song picks up and adds one instrument in at a time in a way that feels a little uplifting as the singer joins and questions their place in their relationship and in the mind of their partner. The song is an introspective about the waning days of a prolonged relationship and explores if it can be saved from either end. The song ends, instrumentality, the opposite of how it began. It stops suddenly, everything at once, on a down note. To me, it feels like the song ends by foreshadowing an outcome not yet revealed.

Lina K.O. – Two Player Mode

Off her upcoming album “Earth Apple” which you can pre-order here “Two Player Mode” is a melancholy indie-rock track that explores the complications of a human relationship. Mustard has observed that no human interaction is simple. There are layers, some often hidden, that are at play. K.O. is trying to make sense of it all by hoping everything will fall into place like Tetris. Mustard is intrigued by what may have caused this all. They look forward to the release of “Earth Apple” coming out next month.

Us4 – The Road

“The Road” from Us4 is a joyful and pleasant Christmas tune. What sets this song apart from other Christmas tunes is it signature Irish twist. The vocals and instrumentation will perk up any Grinch within your local area!

Eichlers – My Checkered Present 

The hyperska superstar has graced us with an anti-consumerism and romantic single. “My Checkered Present” has all the essential ingredients of a Christmas song but with added Eichlers flare. This has truly been an incredible year for Eichlers who debuted “My Checkered Future” which introduced a whole new genre of music: hyperska. “My Checkered Present” is a hyperska Christmas delight that further highlights Eichler’s creativity and innovation. 

Pacing – Political Science

Pacing has become one of Mustard’s favorite artists. Between their love of memes and style of storytelling they are an artist they recommend you check out. Pacing’s cover of Randy Newman’s “Political Science” adds their signature style making the song even more compelling. If you look closely enough at the album art, you will find bottles of mustard as the sun.


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