Review by: JustSomeMustard

Following Pluto Pop (EP) and Ramona’s EP Cozyinn has released their debut LP: I Think You’re a Ghost. Mustard is curious about Cozyinn’s declaration. What has been done for them to proclaim that you – are a ghost. Is it something said? Or was it an action, or lack thereof? Or – are they the ghost? Does Cozyinn feel transparent or invisible? Mustard hopes we receive some answers on their debut album.

On the Bandcamp page for the lead-in single “The Playground Outside” Cozyinn has been working on this album since before Pluto Pop. They open up the album with a question that haunts some humans: “what happens when we grow old?” Humans experience similar situations, such as growing old, but how they got there may be different. Mustard has observed that humans who grow old are called “Seniors” and receive benefits. How that senior operates is dependent on their past. But is this the experience Cozyinn wants? As the song goes on they declare “Spending hours at the playground outside / It’s been so long since I’ve seen my childhood bedroom again / I guess I’m getting older.” Perhaps the ghost is within their childhood bedroom. It is here where Cozyinn is first introduced to “Goob.” Towards the end of “The Playground Outside” Cozyinn makes their desires clear: they want to be a kid again.

Mustard has observed that humans are often blindsided by how much they have to do as an adult. Paying bills, insurance, working a draining job, being social, etc are all daily activities that human children sometimes aren’t often prepared for. Adulthood is like competing on Takehashi Castle’s daily and it is your job to overcome those obstacles. It is completely understood that Cozyinn wants to be a kid again.

Cozyinn follows “The Playground Outside” with “Fallback (featuring The Mobile Tape Orchestra)” in which they state “Everyone agrees / I am just a silhouette of myself.” Cozyinn aspires for that childlike wonder again. Mustard believes though within this track it is where they meet Goob as Cozyinn hopes to run through the fields, stop time and do whatever they want, and reclaim that childhood joy. Humans, whether they admit it or not, have all had a imaginary friend (or ghost) at some point in their lives. It is these friends who help strengthen their imagination and allows them to travel to other worlds.

As the album goes on there is turmoil between Goob and Cozyinn. This sometimes happens between friends. The middle portion of the album highlights the struggle between Cozyinn and Goob. Cozyinn though does not want this relationship to be fractured as you can hear on “I Don’t Wanna Lose My Friend.” Mustard would like all humans (and their ghost pals) to remain friends for as long as possible. Human friendships, Mustard has observed, help create new memories and elevate feelings of joy. Being surrounded and with someone you admire is a luxury not all humans have. Cozyinn has found that friend within Goob.

It is on the closing track “I Think You’re a Ghost” that provides a crucial sample which discusses how humans are nostalgic for era’s they were not born in. At the beginning of the album, Cozyinn made it clear they wanted to be a kid again. As painful as it is they accept that they cannot travel back in time. Cozyinn makes a statement: “I know you’re scared / but I promise you I’ll be back.” This is not the end, this is simply a goodbye.

“I Think You’re a Ghost” is an exceptional album that will allow you to reminisce about your past. Imaginary friends, whether ghost or human, do not fade away when a human becomes an adult. They are still there. They may not visit as much but their memory remains intact. This album is authentically human. Humans often face an internal crisis that terrorizes their mind. Overcoming and fighting through that crisis is no easy task. Cozyinn overcomes those struggles on “I Think You’re a Ghost.” Growth, in any form, is substantial and should be recognized. You will be able to find that on this album.

“I Think You’re a Ghost” is available for pre-order on Bandcamp. You can pre-order it here.


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