Find The Ghost – The Unthinkable

Mustard has never done cocaine (condiments cannot do illegal substances) but they have seen it done in movies. They believe this is the song equivalent of the Crank franchise. Find The Ghost’s bedroom pop punk will have your bottle (and human body) shaking until you potentially combust. Need a pick me up? Throw away your Red Bull. Listen to this song for five hours instead for a real energy boost.

Lucifer’s Beard – Lady Loser

This is the second track from Lucifer’s Beard that Music Shelf has reviewed. Paying homage to British Rock Roots “Lady Loser” from Lucifers Beard will have you calling up your friends from Essex and doing a bar crawl. While you crawl from pub to pub you will be singing this song. Lucifer’s Beard does an excellent job of storytelling and inspiring humans to sing-along no matter where they may be.

Half Past Two – Magic Dance

“Magic Dance” from Half Past Two will have you rolling twelve’s on the dance floor. It is instructional, catchy, and may inspire a future purchase of all your Voodoo essentials. Half Past Two is one of Mustard’s favorite bands and for good reason. They look forward to dancing with Sabrina The Teenage Witch and Ron Wesley in the future.

GUPPY – A Jew on Christmas

This song caught Mustard’s label when it was shared by Singer-Songwriter Pacing (who you should also check out.) GUPPY’s “A Jew on Christmas” shares a perspective that often is not told during this season. Mustard appreciates GUPPY’s whimsical and humorous storytelling. This is Mustard’s first experience with GUPPY and it will not be their last. All proceeds to this song as will go to Family Promise of Cobb County who partners with “J’s home synagogue, Temple Kol Emeth in Atlanta, to provide interfaith transitional housing for people experiencing homelessness during the holidays.”


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