Music Shelf With Mustard is honored to premiere Indica In Decay’s “Practice Space Ghost” which is the third scene from Act 1 from the ongoing rock opera.

These first 5 songs which Ska Punk International is releasing on cassette in 2023 are Scenes in Act 1. Act 2 is being written and performed now, like last week at SIMONFEST in SF with Eichlers and Rude Machine. Act 1 will be released in a cassette, zine, sticker pack combo by Ska Punk International and Fake Publishing Millionaires. It will feature art by Blue Hare Comix.

Practice Space Ghost is the third scene in Act 1. It finds Indica drunkenly living in and out of awful Craigslist bands for housing, miserable over leaving her lover/former bandmate Arthur, who is the malcontent, suicidal keeper of the songwriting guitar Excalibur.

The Practice Space Ghost video is a collaborative production between Blue Hare Comix and Fake Publishing Millionaires. FPM also did the recent Sad Snack video “Kenny G Hotline,” and will have another new Indica In Decay video out at the end of January.


Blue Hare Comix:


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