Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with Sarabean. Together we discussed when they began producing music, their creative process, red flags, their newest single “Digging Holes”, and so much more!

1. Mustard is grateful to have you join them at Music Shelf. How are you doing today?

Thank you guys! I’m doing well.

2. Your Music Technology and Production class in high school inspired you to begin producing music. Could you tell us more about this class? When did the moment strike in the class you knew you wanted to make music?

That class helped me learn a lot of things about music and that’s when I started appreciating the production of music in a more technical way. I was one of 2 girls in that class and the teacher, he would roll his eyes to a lot of questions I would ask so that lit a fire in me because there aren’t as many female producers as there are male and i would like to be a part of changing that.

3. Before this class, what was your relationship with music growing up?

I started playing guitar and writing my own music at a young age so it has always been a big part of me. 

4. Tom Rosenthal and Portishead are some artists that inspire you. What about their work do you find inspiring? What songs or albums do you recommend humans listen to?

Z sides by tom rosenthal is one of the best albums i think to have ever been made. I channel a lot of his work when recording because there’s something that makes you feel so close to his work and I would like to do the same thing with my listeners. Portishead’s production I feel was ahead of its time and the production of their music inspires me.

5. What is your creative process? 

I usually start out with writing a song on guitar and then adjust certain things when I sit down and start recording.

6. In August of 2020 you released your debut single “Isabell.” Was this single inspired by an actual human? Could you tell us more about this single?

I am so done with that song and I hate it. However, I was going through a bad time and was separated by a person that I really loved, and that song is me just going absolutely insane. A little fun fact, in the middle of the song, I used a Nerf gun before the gunshot effect went off.

7. Mustard loves how you tell stories throughout your songs. Are these stories fiction or come from real-life situations? Who are some of your favorite storytellers?

I’ve noticed It’s hard for me to write about fiction. a majority of my songs are about real-life situations.

8. You ask listeners not to let you be on your album “Please don’t let me be.” How would you like to spend time with your community? Is there something you need their assistance with? Could you share more about this album?

A common feeling in that album was loneliness. The way people have connected with it has been incredible and it really means the world.

9. Your latest single “Digging Holes” tells an emotional story. What inspired this single?

“Digging Holes” is about trying to find contentment in religion but never finding it on top of trying to bury the unnecessary guilt of the gay that i’ve tried to reverse into thinking it’s wrong, i feel like that’s something that should be talked about because people go threw these types of things and ignore who they actually are and what they actually feel and it’s sad.

10. Mustard has observed that humans often have complex relationships. What do you look for in a human? What are some red-flags that would make you reconsider being friends with a human?

If somebody only talks about themselves and doesn’t have room for anything else in their lives besides what they want is a red-flag.

11. What is next for Sarabean?

More production work for other great artists and more of my own music soon!

12. Where can readers listen to your music?

Sarabean on all platforms.


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