Chicago’s Kelsey Montanez has done something that humans, when usually compromised (either morally or ethically) and that is sell their soul. As a condiment soul-selling is not something mustard is familiar with. Is soul-selling a traditional business practice within the human world? Mustard is unsure but they enjoy Montanez’s ability to blend indie rock, blues, and pop on their latest single.

In an Instagram post Montanez disclosed that she wrote “I Sold My Soul” in high school but the lyrics remain relevant. She also goes on to say that “I believe that every time we take steps away from our authentic selves, we sell a little piece of our soul. But every time we embody our truth and move towards our higher self we claim our power back.”

Mustard is enamored with this message and believe it only elevates the song. Rather than conform or fall victim to trends it is important to remain true to your authentic self. Mustard has observed it is difficult to remain authentic in a human world that celebrates a lack of it. To succeed, or gain recognition, humans create a false persona to appease those in control. While in the moment that validation may feel good it will lead a human often feeling hollow. Montantez goes against the crowd by recognizing that and regaining power that has been lost in the past. If Mustard had the ability to clap they would. Mustard hopes this song inspires other humans to reflect and become the most authentic version of themselves.

Mustard looks forward to what Kelsey Montanez releases in the future!


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