Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with Australia’s Sarah Yagki. Together we discussed their relationship with music, their routine, their creative process, their newest single “Sick of You”, and so much more.

1. Mustard is grateful to have you join them at Music Shelf. How are you doing today? 

I’m doing great! Just finding that balance with music, personal life and also for myself – been spending time on a mixture of working on my music but also painting and doing other creative endevaours!  

2. Mustard wonders what your relationship with Music was growing up. Can you recall some of your favorite memories with music?

Music wasn’t a big part of my family growing up, we grew up in a low socio-economic environment, so music was something that I wasn’t able to find inspiration from until I started writing myself. I felt alone and isolated a lot as a child, so writing words and listening to other artists gave me a strong feeling of connection. Some of my favourite memories were being able to listen to music to sleep as a kid, and dream of being the person that wrote them myself.

Another memory was saving up for my first keyboard, I was 14 when I had my first job and gave a bit of money every week to a music store to save up for my first keyboard, and at the end of finally saving up for it they gave me a bunch of stands/books etc. to help inspire my music!

3. You’re a vocalist who has been writing for about ten-years. Do you remember the first song you wrote? Who are some songwriters/authors that inspired you to begin writing? 

I’ve been writing for a long time, and the first song I found I wrote was called ‘Smile’ – ironically the lyrics were still quite sad for the age and the title of which I was writing so seems nothing too far has changed! Songwriters that inspired me to start were EDEN, Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Culter.

4. Honey and lemon tea are a must have when you’re creating. How does this tea make you feel? How do you do take your tea? What are your thoughts on humans who spill the tea?

It brings me centred into a routine, it’s a must have for vocals and keeps me calm along with protecting my voice! I take my tea in a thermal glass and we loveeee to see the tea spilled (although admittedly I am the one spilling most tea!)

5. What is your favorite recipe involving strawberries? 

Chocolate Covered Strawberries!!!

6. You’re tasked to reorganize your bandmates stuff. What is your process? 

If I was tasked to reorganize my bandmates stuff, I would have a very hard time with my drummer (he has A LOT of gear!!), I would give a go at my guitarists pedal board and my bassist would organise her stuff to have a secret stash of sour lollies in her gear!

7. What is your creative process?

My creative process starts with just myself and my thoughts at a keyboard. I play any chords to help me find the melody and words first – I always start with the story. Furthering that, I will then create the form once I’ve found my melody and begin crafting from there.

8. Who (or what) influences you?

My own experiences influence me and the experiences I see around me. My music this year takes a much darker turn, with a lot of my songs exploring even heavier topics and finding ways to express the ideas and turmoil of the human experience.

9. A duck comes across your path. You improvise a song to sing to it. What are the lyrics?

Not so much improvise, but the lyrics would include: grapes and a lemonade stand.

10. You get to be The Eleventh Doctor’s companion for a day. What kind of adventure do you go on? 

A chaotic adventure, absolute chaos. Having a day with no direction or plan, just making decisions on the whim and seeing where it lands us!

11. In 2019 you released “Chasing Black.” What was the inspiration behind this single? 

The inspiration behind the single was reflecting on the relationship I was in, and how nothing felt secure anymore. “Chasing black” is the visuals of chasing nothing, that a relationship is at its endings and all you feel or see is a sense of nothingness.

12. June 24th saw the release of your EP “ALove, That’s Dying.” Are the songs on this EP inspired by your own personal experiences? Could you share more about crafting this EP?

All the songs on the EP are my own experiences, and crafting the EP was creating more of a collection of the work I’d done throughout the year. The next EP that is coming, is something that was crafted with the intention of all songs to be together – with a unique sound that starts and ends with the intention of being together.

13. Mustard has observed and learned there are various types of human love. What is your ideal version of love? How do you define love?

I feel like my ideal is to feel a mutual sense of trust, need and freedom. Something I need to feel when in a relationship is still a sense of my own independence, where two individuals support each other on their own seperate paths, rather than blurring the two together. I think I am still learning to define what love is, but the EP that is coming explores when the idea of love starts, boils over, burns and scars.

14. Your newest single “Sick of You” touches further on human relationships. What are some red-flags that humans should look out for? 

Red-flags that I personally have experienced and watch out for is making sure the person doesn’t try to control your life, choices and passions.

15. How would you describe your live show? Do you have any favorite memories from your most recent tour?

My live show is authentic, energetic, confronting and dark. My favourite memories from my most recent tour was watching Scooby Doo all together in the accommodation at Old Bar, Flow Bar!

16. What is next for Sarah Yagki?

Next is a new single ‘I Love You, I Lied’, a new EP, and a brand new music video! Along with a tour to tie this all up.

17. Where can readers listen to your music?

Spotify – click here.

Instagram – click here.

Facebook – click here.

Apple Music – click here.


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