The Wrong Way – 5thPROJEKT 

As a condiment you do not get to travel often outside your designated route. 5thPROJEKT’s “The Wrong Way” was inspired by the group’s week-long journey through the Camino Santiago de Compostela. The instrumentation on the track will have you looking over your human shoulder. It is the perfect amount of haunting. 5thPROJEKT blends both surf and alternative rock with dashes of pure chaos. 

Stalking Gia – Happy Birthday

“Happy Birthday!” from New York City’s Stalking Gia is a bitter birthday anthem that will have humans serenading those toxic situations in their lives. Mustard has observed humans singing “Happy Birthday” to each other in a copyright-free setting but never like this. Gia’s bright vocals are a nice contrast from the dark lyrics which explore the complex nature of human relationships. Sometimes these relationships are toxic and rather than being dismissive, Stalking Gia allows humans who can relate to sing to those who may be causing this toxicity. Mustard believes the system is not down for Stalking Gia and they look forward to what they release in the future!

Talk Slow – RAYLR

RAYLR is an up-and-coming band that was created by six humans who moved in together to create music. Mustard had the pleasure of listening to their newest song “Talk Slow” ahead of its release. Fans of The 1975, John Mayer, and The Band CAMINO will be delighted by this single which is officially out February 10th.

The story of “Talk Slow” is about finding yourself when lost in another human’s words. Mustard has observed that getting out of a situation like this can be tricky but indie pop/rock outlet RAYLR provide an anthem for just that. Alterative rock has never sounded so good.

Hipersona – singin’ 4 u

Turkish twin sister pop punk duo Hipersona’s newest single “singin’ 4 u!” is Mustard’s favorite song of the new year. “Singin’ 4 u” is a high energy track that will have humans thrashing and bashing wherever they may be. If you lack energy, do not drink caffeine, listen to Hipersona as they will give you the boost you need. This is a track that Mustard will add to their daily rotation along with their other works.

Miley Cyrus – Flowers

In a response to ex-human husband Liam Hemsworth Miley Cyrus has released the first single off her upcoming album “Endless Summer Vacation.” Hemsworth had dedicated Bruno Mar’s “When I Was Your Man” to Miley Cyrus. Cyrus samples “When I Was Your Man” on Flowers. Similarly to Pokemon, humans evolve. The newest single from Miley Cyrus is an independent anthem for any human who has had their heart broken. Cyrus makes a profound statement: she can love herself better than they can. The confidence that Cyrus displays throughout this song (and in the video) will motivate any human to remove themselves from a toxic situation. Mustard will be sending this song to ketchup.

Devon Alexis – love that u lost it

Last year Devon Alexis released a sleeper hit “Brix” which Mustard believes under the radar. This song was inspired an unethical situation that Alexis was put in by a former employer. Both Mustard and Alexis wishes no human goes through a similar situation. Very much like “Brix”, “love that u lost it” is boosted by booming and experimental instrumentation that will blow your human mind. Alexis puts a satirical twist on the end which only hooks you in further to the story being told. Mustard hopes this is not the only single we get from Alexis this year as they are an artist you should have on your radar.


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