Singer and songwriter Stefano May has partnered with Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation (APRF) on “Hope It Will Remind You.” May has dedicated this song to those with the disease and hopes this song will not only shed light on the Alzheimer’s community but bring comfort as well. While Mustard is not a human, this song, and the message, will resonate with you. It will make you feel love and compassion. The music video includes VHS tapes of Stefano’s childhood where he can be seen bonding with his father. May shared more about what APRF means to them:

My lyricist John Smallwood and I hope it helps people who suffer, as well as their loved ones. This song reminds me to live each day with gratitude, love, and compassion. Prevention of Alzheimer’s is beyond important. It’s an honor to partner with The Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation as they continue to champion new findings and advocate for disease prevention, and I look forward to working alongside the organization to write music that can help people in whatever capacity I can. – Stefano May

Dharma Singh Khalsa, MD of Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation applauds May’s commitment to bringing awareness to Alzheimer’s with “Hope It Will Remind You” –

We applaud Stefano’s commitment to Alzheimer’s prevention and are grateful to partner with him to increase awareness of this disease. In this song, Stefano’s musical mastery conveys both heart wrenching sadness and hope for the future – a significant message for young and mature audiences. Hope It Will Remind You opens the door to healing that every family needs to have

“Hope It Will Remind You” is available on all streaming platforms.


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