All photos by Hope Alvarez (@oheyhope)

All photos by Hope Alvarez (@oheyhope)

Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with Faith Alesia of Penny Bored. Together we discussed their desire to always start a band, their influences, horoscopes, their ideal summer day, and so much more!

1. Mustard is grateful to have you join them at Music Shelf. How are you doing today? How was your holiday? 

I’m doing well! I’ve been getting some much needed rest before diving into the new year and the work that lies ahead. 

2. You have always wanted to start a band. Who were some of your favorite bands growing up? How does it feel your dream come true?

Some of my favorite bands/artists growing up were The All-American Rejects, Hilary Duff and pretty much any artist you could discover on MySpace. I feel that era really reflects in my music. It’s crazy to think about how I used to go to shows to see a lot of my favorite rising artists and now I’m the artist! 

3. Is there a song or album that had a significant impact on you?

Growing up, particular artists impacted me more than a certain song or album however I want to be with you by Chloe Moriondo helped me decide what direction I wanted to take my music in when starting Penny Bored and it’s been evolving since. 

4. Who (or what) influences you?

Currently the early 2000s/late 90s alternative & pop music has had a heavy influence on me musically & aesthetically. I love the fashion, music and overall attitude. 

5. Penny Bored allows your listeners to be their most authentic self. Could you share with us an authentic experience or moment you’ve had? How do you detect when a human is being authentic or being fake?

I spent a lot of my life pretending to be someone I wasn’t out of fear of rejection. I was bullied a lot as a kid and began to think I had to fit in to avoid this. I finally put all of that aside & it’s been so freeing. I highly encourage others to do the same because we deserve to live our best and happiest lives as our true selves. Social media forces a lot of us into a box but it’s been really comforting to see other creators break down those barriers and be more honest. 

6. Mental health is an important issue to you. Why it is it important that humans take care of it? What are some ways you take care of yours? What advice do you have for those who may be struggling?

Mental health is just as important as physical health. You wouldn’t ignore symptoms of the flu so why should you ignore symptoms of depression? I often just take it day by day & at the end of each day I reflect on my day: how I was feeling, what I did.. did I get anxious? What caused it? Etc. Routine is super important for me personally so I try to stick with that and give myself lots of rest since I’m so introverted. I also highly recommend people to have a support group around them no matter if it’s a relative, friend, therapist etc. 

7. Mustard wonders what is your ideal summer day? 

My ideal summer day is having a picnic in the park, listening to music and just being with my favorite people! I love being outside and quality time with my friends plus picnic always cheer me up. 

8. Your single “Reasons” is about setting boundaries. What was the inspiration behind this single? Why is it important that humans set boundaries?

I have such a bad habit about giving people too many chances that they often don’t deserve. I started practicing setting boundaries and then processing the aftermath of it. Writing a song helped me to process those feelings.  

9. Mustard is fascinated by horoscopes. They often see humans checking theirs. Could you share some facts about Gemini’s? What do horoscopes mean to you?

Geminis are social butterflies who are very creative and often have several hobbies. I’d say I’m a perfect reflection of that plus I’m a twin! Horoscopes often lead insight for me and clarify feelings I have been having and help motivate me for the future. 

10. A human gets invited to see Penny Bored perform. What kind of show can they expect? Do you have a favorite venue or town to perform?

We love our Dallas crowd because it’s a ton of our friends and family, but we’re happy to perform anywhere!! Our shows are meant to be a welcoming safe space where people can just let all of their emotions out. There’s so much energy but we try to inspire people and leave them feeling motivated towards the end. 

11. Chapsticks come in all various flavors. Could you share with us the significance of cherry? How did it your inspire your single “Cherry Chapstick?”

Tastes and smells often bring back a flood of memories for people. I decided to use cherry chapstick as an instance for this, but in this case you’re thinking about someone you don’t want to think about. 

12. You have a film degree but dislike editing. What are some of your favorite films? What in your opinion is a well-edited film? How does editing help elevate the story being told in your music? 

I much prefer directing over editing and I think it’s because I just want to immediately see the final product. I’m usually the one with a vision in mind so I’d rather direct than piece the final product together. Huge respect for editors! It’s so tedious and important. Some of my favorite films are It’s Kind Of A Funny Story, The Florida Project and Minding The Gap. They’re very emotional but impactful.  

13. What is next for Penny Bored?

So much new music!! I’m releasing some of favorite & best songs this year. 

14. Where can readers listen to your music?

Penny Bored is available on all streaming platforms! 


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