Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with Roskamala. Together we discussed their relationship with music, their debut single “Kiss Me Amnesia”, growing up in Thailand, and so much more!

1. Mustard is thankful to have you join them at Music Shelf. How are you?

I’m thankful and really appreciate that I’m a part of Music Shelf. I’m wonderful. How about you?

2. Mustard wonders what was your relationship with music growing up? Do you have a favorite childhood song or album? 

When I was young, I mostly spent time alone listening to music and performing in front of my stuffed animals. My brother and my sister only played with me if I dressed up as a ghost and chased them. I didn’t think it was for me. So I decided to play alone in my room. I read a lot, sang a lot and fell in love with the Carpenters’ “Yesterday Once More” when I first heard the song. It was the start of my music obsession.

3. Before realizing your dream of being a musician, you were an actress and fashion television host. Could you share more about your time within that industry? 

First off, I had no idea about the TV host contest. One of my friends dragged me to sign up for the competition because she wanted to be a TV host or an anchor. From 100 to 20 finalists, I was with the contest for months and finally, I won the contest and became a fashion TV host. It was fun and exciting. I got to do many things from hosting two shows to singing at events. Later on, I realised being a TV host was not as fulfilling for me and that was it. 

4. You were born and raised in Thailand. What is Thailand’s culture like? Does it have a local music scene? How would you describe the sounds of Thailand? 

Thai people are known as warm, welcoming and polite. Most Thai people don’t like confrontation which is different from western culture. The music scene in Thailand is pretty big. I don’t listen to Thai music much except when I was younger and when I was in High School, I was in love with American music like R&B and Hip Hop. I believe country music like “Luk Thung and Mor Lam” are the most popular types of music and also T-pop is popular as well in the country.

5. Would you say there is an overlap between being a musician and actress? What is the biggest difference you’ve noticed so far? 

Both acting and creating music are very similar to me. They both need a lot of thoughts and imagination put into it.. Bringing those two elements to reality and making them make sense are my priorities. Creating with my head and my heart and blending them together is challenging and super fun!

The biggest difference is creating music you can take as much time as you want and also you can look as messy as you want. Editing and managing time is totally up to you. On the other hand, acting requires you to work as a team and beat the time. Everyone needs to collaborate well and I need to always prepare myself & be ready anytime the director says ” action “

6. How did it feel to move from Thailand to the United States? Was it a big culture shock? What is something Thailand has that the United States does not? 

It was extremely hard for me at the beginning. I felt like everyone was screaming at each other and until today I find it quite difficult to speak louder. Most people don’t hear me because I talk softly, especially at restaurants. But I do love the fact that in America, you can be who you are as unique as you desire and being different is acceptable. I truly feel free living life and working here.

7. In an interview with Dusty Organ, you mentioned about your debut single “Kiss Me Amnesia” that “the message is that if you don’t make peace with your past it will always haunt your future reality.” Could you elaborate more on this? 

Each of my songs from this EP are different concepts, genres and styles. There are messages behind every music video and lyrics. “Kiss Me Amnesia” talks about how childhood and past relationships have shaped up who you are. The issues people are dealing with in current relationships are based on the past. Self-love, acceptance, self improvements and forgiveness are necessary to work on, otherwise you’ll be living your life the same pattern over and over again. The music video shows haunting ex girlfriends in Amnesia Land and they keep haunting Dan, the main actor until 30 years later, they are still there. From Amnesia Land to reality. They never leave. But the good news is there’s a way out.

8. What was the creative process and inspiration behind the music video for “Kiss Me Amnesia?”

I dream a lot every night. Dreams are made from my fears and subconscious. I realize I create my work while sleeping a lot. I personally am haunted by not-so-good memories of some of my exes. I had great relationships as well but they don’t really appear in my thoughts or dreams like unsolved pasts. I drew and wrote them on pieces of paper anytime I had ideas. The final process was playing with the puzzles and turning it into a story.

9. What can fans expect from your upcoming EP “truth she told?”

All my music videos are narrative music videos. I wrote the screenplays based on the song lyrics I created. It’s very important for me to relay the meaning of the songs through every scene. I played the roles of a mess, a robot, an insane person and a murderer. Except for Kiss Me Amnesia, I was the director, so I wasn’t one of the characters. This EP is all about the ugly truths we are facing in life & love. The message I want to send is “When life gives you lemons, make cocktails.”!

10.How would you describe the human experience?

Well, being a human is like playing a video game. You start from easy levels and then it gets harder and harder. Once you complete the level you’re in and get better at the game, another harder level pops up. The choices are you give up or keep playing and laugh at failures and try again. It’s the mindset that determines your journey. Either, enjoy the ride or be mad or sad at it. 

11. Where can readers listen to your music? 

I’m on most platforms. There’s a link on my social media and you can find all the information on my website.


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