Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with Turkey’s Hipersona. Together we discussed their life outside of music, their influences, pet-peeves, their latest song “singin’ 4 u”, and so much more!

1. Mustard is thankful to have Hipersona join them at Music Shelf. How are you both?

Hi Mustard! We’re pretty awesome and happy to be here with you.☺ How about you? Hope you’re doing well!

2. When Hipersona was seven years old you both received guitars as gifts from your dad. What were some of the first songs you learned on the guitar? How did this influence you both to continue making music?

The first song was “Caddelerde Rüzgar”. Most of the guitar players who learned to play had started to play with this song in Turkey ☺ Actually we played this song because it’s easy to play ☺ So it didn’t influence us at all ☺

3. Outside of making music; Bengisu, you are a research assistant at TED University in the Electrical Electronics Engineering department. If you were tasked to write a song about electrical engineering, what would it be about and why? Who are some of your favorite engineers?

Yes, I’m a research assistant and I’m so happy! Probably it’d be about energy? ☺ Because our work is all about that. And my favorite engineers are my lecturers from the university since I learned everything from them.

4. Additionally; Bilgesu, you are an architect. You are tasked to write a song about your favorite architecture. What would it be about and why? Who are some of your favorite architects?

I feel really excited when I see some old buildings! This happened last time when i saw Gyeonbokgung Palace in Korea! Probably I’d make a song about this feeling. By the way, my favorite architect is Daniel Libeskind.

5. Some of your influences are Foo Fighters, 2000s pop punk, and BTS. How does artists influence your music? What songs of theirs do you recommend all humans listen to?

Yesterday, we talked to each other exactly about that! We thought that our musical taste is little weird ☺ K-Pop to groove metal, Rush to David Guetta LOL. But we’re happy about that because we know that all off them influence us differently.

Its hard to choose but we can say that for Bilgesu: Foo Fighers – Times Like These (even has a tattoo on her arm), 2000s pop punk: Paramore – Misery Business, BTS-ON. For Bengisu: Foo Fighters –Summer’s End ,2000s pop punk: Green Day-American Idiot, BTS-Dimple.

6. Mustard wonders what the music scene is like in Turkey?

Ahhh this question always make us sad! In Turkey, rock is kinda dead…

7. How did it feel to have your songs played on Radio X?

He played our song as “THE BIG ONE” and “THE HOT ONE”! It was just awesome! John Kennedy is a super sweet and kind person we’ve met in the industry. Feeling his support made us feel stronger! ❤ An he has got one of our merch t-shirt ☺ Love him!

8. What is Hipersona’s creative process?

Usually, new songs’ process starts with Bengisu’s ideas. She’s so creative about song writing. Then, Bengi tries to make me like the song LOL. After that, we work together to arrange the song. We go to our studio and play drums, guitar, bass and do vocals… Finally when everything is OK for us, we write lyrics then record the song in our bedroom. Totally mess… Sorry MOM! 😀

9. In 2019 you released your EP “Uyan Artik.” Could you share more about the process of putting this EP together?

Before this EP, our previous band just broke up. We were together for 6 years. We were still under the influence of our old group. Our debut song “Geri Dön” was made for that old band’s second album and band members didn’t like the song and tried to change it. After we formed Hipersona we said to eachoter “Let’s make it our debut song without changing anything!” ☺ Geri Dön is still one of our most loved songs by our listeners. SHAME ON OLD BAND’S MEMBERS… But we no longer think that our old songs reflect who we are now. That’s why we don’t play them anymore.

10. What makes you both lose your minds? What are some pet-peeves of Hipersona?

Ahhh slurping and chewing gum sounds (even though we’re fan of gums LOL), lots of sneezing and coughing, heavy breathing make us mad.  Maybe both of us are coping with misophonia?

11. Hipersona are self-proclaimed troublemakers. What are some rules you believe are meant to be broken?

Hehehe yes, we’re! For this question, things directly related to genders came to our minds. “Women should be delicate.” or “Boys don’t cry.”… We hate that kinda stuff! Let everyone live the way they want!

12. Mustard absolutely loves your newest single “Singin’ 4′ u!” What was the inspiration behind this single?

Shhh, it’s a secret! 😛 “singin’ 4 u!” is a sweet love song full of confessions and tenison. But we can’t say who the song was written for. ☺

13. A human gets the chance to Hipersona perform live. How would you describe your live performance?


14. What is next for Hipersona?

We’ll cover a song with our very sweet friend we met in Korea. Can’t wait for it!

15. Where can readers listen to your music?

We’re everywhere! They can find us from all streaming platforms. Please check us out! Hope you gonna love us! ❤


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