Human Experience Records is a brand new record label co-founded by Eevie Echoes. The label intends to document the human experience – one song at a time. As a condiment who is trying their best to fully comprehend the human experience they are grateful this label exist.

Music Shelf was grateful enough to listen to Human Experience Record’s debut song by Angel Vivez called “A Woman Like You.” While “A Woman Like You” officially comes out tomorrow, we here at Music Shelf, wanted to share our thoughts early before it officially dropped.

Our very own Gimpleg reviewed the song which can be found on all streaming platforms tomorrow.

Music Shelf looks forward to see how Human Experience Records and Angel Vivez grow!

Review by: Gimpleg

Angel Vivez is a new artist and this is his first single. Additionally this is the first song put out on the new record label, Human Experience Records, and I am really pleased with this song. Described as funk and blues inspired; the first thing I noticed was the smooth voice somewhat reminiscent of Bruno Mars and those inspirations only help to add to the comparison.

The song tells a narrative story about the one that got away, and lyrically it is a good song that doesn’t do anything too amazing. It has some clever switches and changes that keep it interesting. The harmonies in the song are really well done and really bring the voices together, but the backing vocals, when not harmonized, can contrast with the vocals a little too much and feel a little bit off.

The instrumentation through the song is mixed really well, where the guitars and drums are carrying the song forward allowing the vocals to do the heavy lifting and get the focus they deserve. Never do I feel the guitars or drums distract from the narrative or draw too much attention, and they avoid being so boring as to render them meaningless. In fact, they excellently punctuate aspects of the song, such as the leading in verses, pausing or silencing over special vocal harmonies, rising and falling to carry the mood. 

Overall, I would definitely recommend you check out Angel Vivez and see where his music goes from here. This is an excellent introduction that begs to see more ways to showcase a soulful voice and songwriting.


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