Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with California’s The 95’s. Together we discussed how they met, their definition of love, their creative process, and so much more!

1. Mustard is grateful to have The 95’s join them at Music Shelf. How is everyone?

Hi Mustard, We are doing well, you could say we are doing as good as Chiptole on a late weekend afternoon. It’s been a crazy last year us and we super excited for 2023 and can’t wait to play some new music and release some new tracks we’ve been working on. 

2. You all met at college and through church around 2017. The idea to form The 95s came during a rainy day. Could you share more about your origin? 

So…. before we were THE 95’S we had formed under a different name. After playing several shows and we starting DMing each other and wanted to think of a good group name that fight our asthetic and meant something to us. Our vibes fits into the LA Pop “synth” vibe, very nostalgic of the 90’s, and realizing that after we were all born in the year 1995 the name just fit. 

Our first song came to us when Matt was practicing in his studio and landing on the chorus melody for “You Loved Me” It was a cold rainy day and the emotions of a heart break just worked themselves into a the moody weather and that simple progression that night. 

3. Before you decided on The 95s were any other numbers considered? What does the number 95 signify to everyone? Is math used in your songwriting process? 

Our name is not cryptic or secretive but the combination of the our aesthetic and us being born in 1995 just clicked when we were bouncing around ideas for a name. 

4. Who or what influences The 95’s? 

Our influences non musically stem from what you could call a “nostalgic cloud” of 90’s memories and feeling of comfort and pain from youthful experiences, heartbreaks, falling in love, and spending time with friends. It in way reminds us of the quote from the office when Andy Bernard “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them.” 

Musically we align with artists like: LANY, THE 1975, Nightly, Joan, Band Camino, Coldplay, Harry Styles, and Sub-Radio 

5. What is The 95’s creative process? 

Most of our songs come from a single phrase or idea one of us thinks of. There is usually some melodic or chord structure built and then each of us starts developing parts or ideas. Our lead singer Matt does all the mixing and production after we start putting a demo together. 

Our creative process really focuses on pulling emotional moments from our past experiences and writing in way that personal but adaptable to others as well. If they have had similar experiences we hope our lyrics can speak and mean something to them as well. 

6. How has social media helped The 95s? 

Social media has helped us not only through opportunities and a virtual audience but being able to reach so many people we would have never thought of connecting with. We love seeing international followers who support us from the otherside of the world. 

7. In 2020 The 95s released “You Loved Me.” Was this song inspired by actual human events?

“You Loved Me” was inspired by teenage love/heartbreak story. It was very creative process and vulnerable to write that from a deep personal place.

8. How does The 95s define love? 

We believe love is like a smooth piano melody filled with complex voicing and chords. Piano takes 2 separate hands to each supporting and completing each other to build a song. In a way that’s how we view love, this balance and a story told by two independent pieces strung together to form something special unique and beautiful. 

9. Following “You Loved Me” came “Always On My Mind.” Was this single directed towards the same human as “you loved me?” 

The song “Always On My Mind” wasn’t related to the same person but it was based around a similar feeling. It does have a much more optimistic tone than “You Loved Me” which is rooted in heartbreak. 

10. What are some things that are always on the mind of The 95s? 

What is always on our minds is our followers and supporters. They are the reason we continue to be inspired and to be creative and release music. For us nothing brings us more joy than being able to share our music with them! 

11. For those who have not been, how would The 95s describe California? What is it like? Where do you recommend humans check out if in the state? 

California is a like a place where you can be yourself, make memories, adventure from the beach to mountains, and fall in love. We think whether you live here or just visiting it has a special place in your heart. We recommend going to Malibu, South Orange County, Joshua Tree, Mount Baldy, San Francisco, and the Central Valley. A trip around the state shows the beauty and diversity CA offers, hence the reason we said in “Like California” , “there not place I’d rather be”

12. How would you describe your live performance? 

Our live performances is an emotional rollercoaster which has hyped upbeat moments, to emotional ballads, and ambient soundscapes. We wanted our live shows to feel like a home to those who who come to support us. It takes a viewers through a chance to travel through their emotional state and feel happy and comforted at the same time. 

13. What is next for The 95s? 

This year we have several EP’s and aingles coming out, with our latest one “This How I Feel” coming out on 1.26.23. We plan to play lots of different shows throughout the state and are working a mini tour in Japan as wel! We are super excited and can’t wait to kick off the year strong! 

14. Where can readers listen to your music? 

Our music Is available on all digital platform just search “THE 95’S” and we hope you enjoy!


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