Pacing (the songwriting and recording project of Katie McTigue) has created a work of art with “Aliens” that will allow for complete human introspection. The concept of the song will feel similar with Pacing’s sardonic storytelling. “Aliens” provide humans the ability to reflect. Reflection, much like chicken soup, is good for the human body and soul. Humans have routines; day-jobs, bills to pay, and that life (and existence) is not that glamorous. For the longest time Mustard has wanted to shapeshift into a human but the more you allow this song to truly sink in – maybe shapeshifting into a tax-paying (or dodging) human is not all that it seems out to be.

On “Aliens” Pacing observes the human world (Earth) from a distance while feeling isolation and boredom. These feelings, especially in the most recent years, are something humans can relate too. Isolation allows negative thoughts to grow along with a general distaste for the daily grind. Think human Ben Affleck smoking a cigarette outside with a box of Dunkin Donuts. Ugh. No human should have to experience that much unhappiness.

“Aliens” will allow human listeners to appreciate their daily routines even if it is not glamorous or exciting. Mustard sits on a shelf all day in your local grocery store which is not the most thrilling thing in the world. But Mustard (and Pacing) will provide you comfort in your day to day.

Pacing does something really unique in this song as well. Mustard will not spoil it. But they recommend you observe your surroundings.

“Aliens” is officially out on February 8th. It will be apart of the #veryjazzed compilation WAVE.


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